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Paid Search on Facebook

PubCon Las Vegas – Facebook PPC Techniques

Moderator: Brian Breslin
Speakers: Chris Shaver,, Keith Posehn, Zorz, Jason Spievak, RingRevenue

In this session of PubCon Las Vegas, Keith Posehn of Zorz spoke about how to best optimize Facebook PPC campaigns and landing pages.

Facebook is a great venue for engaging, converting and up selling customers. Posehn described the Facebook audience as made up by three different segments:

  1. Young socialites: Ages 18-24, LOVE to be on Facebook all day and every day.
  2. Working Professionals: Most often women who surf Facebook at work as an escape from the work they should be doing.
  3. Tech Boomers: Age 50+, these tech boomers do not always understand the full impact of what they do online but are frugal and thus harder to up sell.

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Facebook Ads: When developing the ad copy for Facebook ads, Posehn says that the image and headline are by far the most important part of the ad and both need to be tailored towards the target audience. The body text should be kept short and sweet and does not have nearly as much of an impact on users as the image and headline. It is also important to avoid banner blindness by refreshing your ads often in order to avoid user fatigue.

Facebook Landing Pages: When developing landing pages specifically for you Facebook PPC campaigns, apply the same thought process that is applied to your Facebook ads. Make your message, theme and image consistent across both the ad and landing page. Don’t overload the user with information; instead create a one page landing page that relates to the audience and provides them exactly what they were looking for when they clicked on your ad. Colors promote emotion, so use colors that promote your goal.

Always test different approaches on your Facebook PPC campaigns because what you think will convert the most will oftentimes not be true.

Contributed by: Kate Rasmussen, Milestone Internet Marketing

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