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PDFs-and-Images-ADA -, Milestone Inc.

PDFs and Images May Be ADA Non-Compliant, Creating Risk of...

September 5, 2020   |   ADA, Web Design and Promotion
Milestone monitors and manages all aspects of website content and performance for its customers and the community, and compliance with federal standards and laws is an important...
ADA lawsuit - what your business needs -, Milestone Inc.

What Your Business Needs to Take Care of To Be ADA Lawsuit-Free

February 12, 2020   |   Web Design and Promotion
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has been a hot topic for some time now, but over the past couple of years, it has gained a lot of traction, precisely because of the...
ADA applies to website and Apps: How the Robles v. Domino’s Pizza Case might shape website accessibility regulations -, Milestone Inc.

ADA Applies to Website and Apps: How the Robles v. Domino’s...

October 23, 2019   |   Web Design and Promotion
In 2016, Guillermo Robles, who is visually impaired, filed a case against Domino’s Pizza alleging that the restaurant chain had violated the rules under the Americans with...
5 Reasons ADA Conformance Matters in Hotel Website Design -, Milestone Inc.

5 Reasons ADA Conformance Matters in Hotel Website Design

February 6, 2019   |   Hotel, Search Experience Optimization
Providing equal access to consumers with disabilities is no longer a “nice to have” when it comes to a user-friendly website....
Webinar Recap Video: Digging into ADA -, Milestone Inc.

Webinar Recap Video: Digging into ADA

Watch a video of our ADA webinar, get links to the webinar recording and slide deck, as well as some additional information about ADA...
ADA Conformity: It’s More Than Just Lawsuits -, Milestone Inc.
Milestone's Galexi CMS Can Now Power ADA Conforming Sites

Milestone’s Galexi CMS Can Now Power ADA Conforming Sites

November 29, 2016   |   About Us, Industry News, Web Design and Promotion
Is your website ADA conforming? Milestone's CMS system can now create websites that conform with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), read to learn more about what this means...
Podcast Marketing

Succeed with Podcast Marketing

Podcasts are a popular way for a company to distribute audio and video information to its target audience.   Any topic that will be of interest to the audience can be...
Free Digital Marketing Certifications

Top 10 Free Digital Marketing Certifications in 2022

May 4, 2022   |   Digital Media Marketing
A digital marketing certification could be the difference between landing a new job or losing the opportunity.    83% of employers are reporting a difficulty with...
Franchise Marketing

Franchise Marketing that Drives Growth

With the advent of countless digital platforms, enterprises are forced to invest in digital marketing to maintain consistent growth. As all franchise owners understand that...