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Newly Launched Twitter Tools

Nov 23, 2009   |   Web Design and Promotion
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Twitter Tools
  1. Crowdeye: Crowdeye is tag cloud generation tool for Twitter based on entered search query. It shows information on “Most popular links,” “Tweets,” “Hot searches,” “Related queries” based on search terms.Here are the steps to follow for Crowdeye.
    2. Enter the Twitter search term E.g. Enter “California travel” as a search term
    3. Crowdeye will show the result based on search query. Here it will show result based on “California travel” term as shown below.


  2. Areaface: Areaface is a Twitter tool that displays tweets from users in a particular geographical area, for example from users in a specific state, city, or town.
    1. Go to:
    2. Enter the search term.
    3. Click on relevant state, city, or town to get latest Twitter tweets.
      E.g. Enter the “Hotel” keyword and click on “Virginia” state it displays tweets from “Virginia” based on “Hotel” search term as shown below.


  3. Tweepsearch: Tweepsearch shows all the friends and followers for a Twitter account. It displays results based on search term (keyword) and latest indexed tweets. This toll will aid in researching potential followers on Twitter.
    Note: Tool allows to sort the result by “Followers,” Friends,” “Update” etc.
  4. Searchtastic: Searchtastic is a Twitter search engine. It shows “Search Followers Users” results based on historical tweets, Twitter APIs, and indexed tweets.Here are the steps to follow:
    1. Go to:
    2. Enter Username of Twitter account
    3. Enter relevant search term to get results from the followers. E.g. enter “places to stay” search term, it will display existing Twitter followers list those are using entered keyword in them tweets.


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