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Turn website visitors into buyers with Milestone CMS’s Limited-Time Offer Feature

Nov 11, 2019   |   Web Design and Promotion
Milestone cms lto feature -, Milestone Inc.

With discounts and offers having always played an integral part in the sphere of commercialism, of late, brands are adopting Limited Time Offers (LTO) to drive an action from online customers to improve conversions. In fact, 50% of millennials look out for Limited Time Offers when they wish to buy a product online.

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What is a Limited Time Offer?

As the name clearly suggests, a Limited Time Offer is a marketing strategy to compel customers to purchase a product. Brands offer discounts on their products with a limited time frame for customers to make a purchase. Since the customers are offered a discount on the product (value for money factor), the limited time prods them with a sense of urgency to make a decision. With the LTO feature, the chances of a conversion (sale) for the business increase considerably.

Milestone Inc - What is a Limited Time Offer? -, Milestone Inc.
*Based on a RetailMeNot Survey.

How Milestone CMS’ LTO feature will power conversions

With our CMS, Milestone deftly sets up Limited Time Offers for clients looking to boost the sale of their products on their website. On the CMS platform, clients can choose the design of the promotion, the time frame of the sale, schedule offers, and everything in between to encourage customers to click.

Now, let’s get deeper into the Milestone CMS’ LTO features and how it will benefit a business setting up the promotion.

Milestone Inc - Till LTO Ends -, Milestone Inc.


Choose the offer period

Businesses using our CMS can choose the time period of their LTO. The offer period that we will set up on the business website using Milestone CMS is left to the decision of the business.

LTO Countdown -, Milestone Inc.


No limit on the number of offers

Businesses can set up any number of offers on their website. There is no restriction on the number of offers they wish to display on their website and the frequency of the LTOs.


Schedule the Limited Time Offer well in advance

To ensure that there are no hiccups and the Limited Time Offer promotion process is seamless, businesses can schedule their offer period well in advance.

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Milestone CMS implements Schema Tags automatically

To improve the chances of your offer period being picked up by search engine bots when a query for an offer is made on search engines, your promotion will be tagged with appropriate schemas. To know more about the benefit of schemas, check out our blog on how our CMS’ schema management helps boost brand visibility.

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Know the impact of your Limited Time Offer using Milestone Analytics

Businesses can make use of our Analytics tool to track the conversions of their Limited Time Offer and assess the impact that it has had overall. With Analytics on their palms, businesses can strategize their promotions and decide a time frame (number of days) as well as the favorable period (day, month, season) to roll out their Limited Time Offers.

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Spread the word

With Milestone CMS being an omni-channel platform, businesses can promote their Limited Time Offer on various social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Besides, if customers like the offer of the business, they have the option of sharing the LTO across various social media platforms and spreading the word.

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Improve engagement with your customers

During the Limited Time Offer and even once it has expired, customers have the option of submitting request forms (to know more about the product) and can also submit their contact details to be notified of any future offers. This will help the business build a formidable customer base and improve engagement.


LTO Expired -, Milestone Inc.

75% of Americans abandon their shopping cart due to a lack of offers or discounts and issues with the cost. That’s 75% of customers lost in the final stage of making a purchase, an issue that can be solved by Limited Time Offers. With LTO the golden ticket, Milestone’s CMS ensures that businesses can carry out this facet of marketing seamlessly to boost conversions and their revenue.

Milestone CMS will not stop at the goal of your business achieving brand visibility, rather, it will craft the experience for your customers to make your business their choice.

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