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Bing Yahoo Search Partnership

Nov 09, 2011   |   Web Design and Promotion
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Bing Yahoo Search Partnership

Bing and Yahoo are working together to make advertisers and webmasters manage websites and manage paid campaigns with some new features. These features are addition to the existing tools.

The new features added to webmaster last week:

  1. Links within the website and status for each link returning either 300,400 or 500 as status code.
  2. Active email alerts
  • Malware – If bing webmaster think there might be a malware attack, bing will send an email. Check server and make sure everything is ok.
  • Content blocked – If bing bot is not allowed crawl certain pages on the website which bing thinks is valuable, it will send an email to the webmaster.
  1. Url Normalization –
  • All pages and see stats on how bing looks at it
  • Recrawl website

The new features added to Adcenter and desktop:

Adcenter data integration now shows cpc, avg cpc and avg bid.

Adcenter Desktop features:

  • Use the wizard, customer name and id to pull data in adcenter from google campaigns directly
  • Reports – Historical and Aggregated QS

QS doesnt affect rank or cpc on Bing campaigns

Budget Management – Daily standard, Daily accelerated or monthly acelarated

Location Targetting – If downloaded from google, it will automatically get location targeting into bing

AdInteligence – Ad-on for excel – Build keyword list, forecast data and gather pricing KPI, available on excel 2007 and 2010

Deeper Engagement metrics on Rich Ads

New features coming soon:

Negative exact match is coming out

Ad delivery status – What issue exactly (8 Know Issues)

Impression Share Reporting

Mobile – Mobile Device, tablet and OS Targeting (coming in Jan 2012) and click to call as an option


  • Simplicity and Power ( QS, sharing more data)
  • Ad Innovation (Rich Ads, Ad formats, Social Festures etc)
  • Utility & Effectiveness
  • Global Scale – US and Canada (Yahoo for India) 39 Markets by 2013


Start utilizing some of the new ad innovations and features coming out bing webmaster and adcenter and look for new additions coming soon.

Speakers: Dave Feldman
Moderator: Derrick Wheeler

Contributed by – Justin Varghese, ROI Manager, Milestone Internet Marketing Inc.
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