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International Women’s Day: Celebrating and Congratulating Amazing Women

Mar 08, 2021   |   Leadership, Social
International Women’s Day: Celebrating and Congratulating Amazing Women
I want to congratulate every woman today who chose to challenge and thank everyone who has supported their dreams. Encouraging women at work and in my personal life has always been near and dear to me. It is amazing to see so many women sharing what they believe in and standing up to their challenges and I’m particularly moved by your inspiring stories.
International Women’s Day
On this wonderful day that celebrates the precious lives of women across the globe, I wish to share my 5 rules for innovation, leadership, and balance that I have instilled and held steadfast over the years of my career and personal life. No journey can begin without inspiration, and I’m taking this chance to acknowledge my amazing mentor, friends, authors, and books that have inspired and have guided me over the years to become a better version of myself.For those who are on this journey to achieve their dreams, here are the 5 rules that I have stood by and that have helped me grow not only as a strong independent woman but as a leader. 

Women's day - Milestone Inc team

1. Growth Mindset

I strongly believe that our attitude towards improving ourselves as individuals every day makes a big difference in the end, just like how small drops of water accumulate to form an ocean. You can make miracles happen if you are constantly learning, growing, and solving the problems that matter. I attribute this mindset to the book that I love, Carol Dweck’s ‘Mindset’

Celebrate the Joy of Life

2. Celebrate the Joy of Life

This is something I learned from Chip Conley, whom I’m proud to call my mentor. Life is a journey, not a destination. Enjoy every single second of this amazing life and become comfortable with the uncomfortable. It is hard if we are looking for others to validate us. In this context, my favorite book is ‘Calm Clarity’ by Due Quach and her wisdom on how you can stay in Brain 3.0 – Calm, Centered, and Connected.

International Women’s Day
Focus & Ruthless Prioritization

3. Focus & Ruthless Prioritization

It really isn’t about time management, rather, priority management and our ability to say ‘No’ more than ‘Yes’. There are very few people who are born geniuses. Our focus helps us in establishing priority and our grit towards solving problems and constant learning helps us achieve ingenuity. To shed a little more light on this subject, I’d like to share Daniel Coyle’s book that’s awe-inspiring – The Talent Code: Greatness isn’t born. It’s grown.

Convert Knowledge into Wisdom

4. Convert Knowledge into Wisdom

There are so many things we can all learn from but the key is to make sure we apply what we learn. The important step towards converting knowledge into wisdom is to absorb, recreate, and give back. Give back to your community, people, the teams you build, industry, your friends, and overall network. Greg McKeown’s work ‘Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter’ hits the nail on the head when talking about converting knowledge to wisdom.

Dare to lead - Courage, Compassionate & Connection and recognizing Power of Vulnerability

5. Dare to lead – Courage, Compassionate & Connection and recognizing Power of Vulnerability

Leadership is not about the title. It is the willingness to step outside your comfort zone, enable others, find amazing potential, and having the courage to develop that potential. My favorite authors and books that are centered on this topic are Brené Brown’sDare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts”, Patrick Lencioni’s The Five Dysfunctions of a TeamPeak by Chip Conley and Measure what Matters: OKRs: The Simple Idea that Drives 10x Growth’ by John Doerr.  

International Women’s Day
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my amazing mentors, the great teams I’ve worked with, my amazing Milestone Inc. team, the greatest SEO community, and my phenomenal family for all the support that I have received in my journey over the years. Share your secret of staying ahead, balancing everything, celebrating life, or any tip this International Women’s Day with #Choosetochallenge. Today, you are the inspiration.
Benu Aggarwal

About the Author

Benu Aggarwal, founder and president of Milestone Inc., is a highly recognized expert in digital marketing solutions, voice search, SEO, and local. Benu oversees product development, client services, technology, and strategic vision for the company. Under her leadership, the company has prospered as it launched a suite of SEO-first software products and thousands of websites of which dozens won design and technology awards. With her technical marketing experience, entrepreneurial spirit, and motivating attitude, Benu has the ability to translate technical ideas into tangible practices that drive results for customers.

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