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The Power of User Generated Content

May 28, 2008   |   Speaking Our Minds
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What’s the hype about social media? Chances are, you have already participated in this web 2.0 trend without even realizing it. More people are turning to recommendations from their peers, rather than mainstream media. Simply look up the words “Social Media” and “Word of Mouth” on Google Trends, and the results are clear.


Web surfers today are mainly online to gather information by looking up facts or opinions on a certain topic, and skeptics may question the credibility of another person’s reference. I would recommend taking the opinion of others into consideration, as one variable of many you review. However, if 8 out of 10 people comment that a certain hotel has excellent service and clean rooms, guests would probably feel more comfortable booking a room at that property over another hotel with a series of bad reviews.

Guests are seeking to find a balance of facts and opinions to select the best results for their needs. The growing trend of social media is allowing customers to easily base their own judgments off of others.

Contributed by: Mariko Kato, Milestone Internet Marketing

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