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New Bing Budget Settings

Aug 16, 2011   |   Industry News, Web Design and Promotion
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New Bing Budget Settings

Advertisers have complained about the budget options and inability to know when budgets were depleted in Microsoft adCenter.  Bing has responded to this feedback and adjusted their settings with new alerts and tools for advising when and how to adjust your budgets.

  1. Campaign budget status on the dashboard:
    • A new element to the dashboard that shows budget issues for any campaign in your account with budget issues
    • The red box shows the number critical alerts and the yellow for “somewhat” critical alerts.  Both of these boxes can be seen on any page of the adCenter.
      Microsoft adCenter Dashboard
    • The overall health of the budget can be seen easily and anytime you log into the adCenter.
  2. Budget suggestion tool:
    • This new tool is part of the opportunities tab in adCenter.
    • The budget suggestion tool recommends a budget for a month based on historical data. The tool also provides estimated incremental click-volume increase resulting from the proposed budget.
    • You are able to accept adCenter’s changes or fill in your set budget.

    Microsoft adCenter Budget Suggestion Tool

  3. Budget options:
    • The default budget option is now set at a daily budget. You can set a daily budget at standard delivery or accelerated delivery. Standard delivery spreads out the budget and ads shown throughout the day. Accelerated delivery will deplete your budget as quickly as possible (typically towards the beginning of the day). This type of budgeting is ideal for those who adjust their budget frequently making changes between ad platforms.
    • The monthly budget option allows you to set a monthly spend cap. However, there is no longer an option to divide that budget evenly across the month. This option is best for clients with a large budget.

Bing listened to their advertisers and made significant changes to the adCenter. Are these changes for the better? In time we will be able to tell, but so far it looks like advertisers have more control over their campaign budgets. This control and additional setting controls are seemingly important and helpful.

Contributed by: Amanda Brinkerhoff, PPC Account Manager, Milestone Internet Marketing

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