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Meet the Milestone team at HSMAI ROC and Hitec 2015 in Austin June 15th-18th to get answers to some of today’s hottest issues in digital marketing!

1. The change in search is here, are you ready for wearables and mobile?

As the consumer platforms evolve from desktop to mobile and wearable devices, use of structured data in your website is key to ranking high on search engines. Find out how you can add structured data schema tags to your website.


2. The Millennial Generation – Do you understand how to connect with the fastest growing demographic for travel with $430B in discretionary spending?

The key to targeting the Millennial Generation is focused and relevant messaging customizable to their needs. Find out how you can localize and geo-target your messaging on your mobile website to reach out to the generation that matters the most for travel.

3. Too many digital marketing tools to use?

Are you tired of using various marketing tools – Google Analytics, website CMS, reputation monitoring, social media management, email marketing and plowing through just as many ROI reports? Are you able to draw correlation between different marketing initiatives? Having trouble understanding ROI by channel? If you suffer from tools overload, we may have the best solution for you. Attend our technology showcase to understand how to simplify your marketing and increase its effectiveness.

4. Are you getting enough engagement on your social channels?

If you are interested in getting noticed on social channels and seamlessly integrate your website with channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, it is critical to enable social tags on your website. Does your CMS enable social tagging? Just having social icons is not enough! Understand how to integrate social tags into your website.

Multiple opportunities to meet Milestone:

1. HSMAI ROC Conference, 6/15/15, Austin Convention Center, Table 9
2. Hitec 2015, 6/16-6/18, Austin Convention Center, Booth #1532
3. Hear Milestone Speak at Hitec:

Unalytix: Enhance ROI by Simplifying Digital Marketing and Analytics
Manage and measure your digital assets from a single platform to increase profitability
June 17th @ 2:45pm, Room 14 Level 4

Marketing to Millennial
Digital strategies to attract and engage with a generation raised on 24×7 digital connectivity and mobile
June 18th @ 12pm, Booth 172

Set up your conference appointment today by emailing us at [email protected]. Additionally, if you are interested in learning how Milestone drives revenue to our hospitality clients please call (408) 200-2211.


Sara Linton, Product Marketing Specialist

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