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YouTube Best Practices – Video Sharing Supercharge List

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Video Sharing Supercharge List

Video sharing websites, with YouTube as the dominant search engine, have gotten more attractive for marketers. It’s quick to share information in an entertaining and mobile way. It’s also quick to record, upload, and socialize a video. Here is Milestone’s Supercharge List for YouTube, outlining for you the Top 10 latest practices for creating, optimizing and sharing your videos.

We are seeing a rise in video sharing website. With flip cams, iPhones and evolving technologies to quickly record something, it has gotten much easier to shoot, share and make videos viral. Here are 10 things to do capitalize on the quickly-evolving video sharing industry:

  1. Keep it simple – Users have short attention spans. Keep your videos to around 30 seconds in length.
  2. Use snips – Take your lengthy videos and splice them into short videos called snips. As a rule of thumb, snips should be the length of one or two paragraphs of narration. Then, upload these snips onto YouTube. Take the URL of each snip, and post it on your Facebook wall.
  3. Humor – Some of the best videos make audiences laugh. Users want to be entertained.
  4. Be you – The videos that have the most stickiness have a human element. Very dry, professional tones come across as difficult to relate to. Adding personality provides the user a way to emotionally connect to the video.
  5. Have a variety of videos – It’s great to have one general marketing video. It’s also useful to have several videos where each video is targeted to a different niche market. For example, have one video about pet-friendly services and one video about location.
  6. Monitor your stats – You’ll always want to quantify how well your videos are performing so you can see areas for improvement.
  7. Monitor the stats of your competitors – Having more resources to judge online popularity is important. If your competitors are getting more views than you, it is worth watching their videos to see what trends are currently more popular.
  8. Monitor YouTube’s competitors – YouTube has a large market share in the video sharing website. However, the industry is seeing a rise in other video sharing websites, so don’t limit yourself to just YouTube. Be prepared to optimize for other sites as well to gain the maximum exposure.
  9. Be frugal – Videos don’t need to cost anything. Simply take your flip cam or phone and shoot.
  10. 2011 Forecast – There are rumors that YouTube will start offering video production services. Soon, you’ll be able use YouTube to edit, crop and format videos.

Keeping up with the ever evolving video sharing websites can be an overwhelming task. However, if you already know how to shoot a video on a flip cam and upload it on YouTube, you are well on your way to full optimization. You don’t need much to shoot a great video and have it go viral – just a camera, personality, and a YouTube channel is good start.

Contributed by: Nelson Toriano, Milestone Internet Marketing

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