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Top Ten Tips for Getting Facebook Fans – Webinar Recap

Nov 17, 2011   |   Getting Social, Speaking Our Minds
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Top Ten Tips for Getting Facebook Fans

We had a great turnout for our social media webinar today on acquiring quality Facebook fans. For anyone who missed the webinar, or attendees that want a refresher, the slides from the seminar are embedded below. We also received some fantastic questions that we didn’t have time to answer, so those are addressed in this blog as well. If you have any additional questions, please leave them in the comments below and we’ll get back to you asap.

Stay tuned for our next webinar in December on the top marketing trends for 2012. Date TBA. If you have any other suggestions for topic ideas in our continuing webinar series, leave those thoughts in the comments as well!


Mike Supple, Sr. Social Media Manager
Nelson Toriano, Sr. Account Manager/e-Strategist
Selin Maurice, Sr. Account Manager/e-Strategist


  1. Should I link my Facebook account to my Twitter account, so its easier to not have to update both?
    • If you don’t have time to update both accounts, it’s better to automate than not update at all. However, we recommend that you keep each separate since they are both updated in different ways.
    • When you link the profiles together, you are not optimizing for both because the way the updates run are different.
      • If you link Twitter to Facebook, your messages on FB would be short (bc of character limit on Twitter) and will appear much more often than is usual per Facebook guidelines (as people tend to update Twitter a lot more frequently)
      • If you link Facebook to Twitter, your messages on Twitter will be truncated because you will tend to have posts longer than the 140 character limit
    • Overall, linking both accounts also won’t help boost your EdgeRank score because the idea is that you should stay on Facebook to make updates
  2. Is there an analytics tool for Facebook?
    • Yes, it’s called Insights. This dashboard offers anyone with a Facebook page an entire reporting system to track metrics, for example the # of new likes, target market demographics, and # the number of fans. The best way to use the dashboard is to first familiarize yourself with all the metrics available to you. Second, use it to notice patterns, for example at what time and what posts do you gather the most # of new likes. This will provide you insight on what type of posts, time of posts, and other marketing behaviors your target market responds well to. Third, use these metrics as benchmarks for your marketing strategies and repeat the strategies that are most effective for you. For more information on Facebook Insights, visit
  3. There are tools that allow you to schedule messages to post on FB. What do you think about scheduling a message that engages conversation?
    • Using a third party tool to schedule social media updates can be a big time saver, but you want to make sure that does not replace your engagement activity on the channel itself. It is easy to simply schedule everything ahead of time and forget to go back to the actual channel and see what kind of interaction you are getting. If you are scheduling posts ahead of time, try to make sure the post is tailored to that specific channel (i.e. Facebook posts include links, photos, videos, etc; Twitter posts are kept to a 140 character max).
  4. What is the pixel size requirements for the main FB image?
    • Facebook sets a file size limit of 4MB for your profile image. Whatever the dimensions are of the image you upload, Facebook will resize it to a viewable maximum of 180 pixels wide and 540 pixels high. Bear in mind that the thumbnail image that goes with all of your posts is created from this main image, so make sure you have something in the image (a logo, attractive photo, etc) that looks good in a small square that is 50 pixels to a side.
  5. Do you have any data on ROI of Facebook for hoteliers?
    • ROI is something that should be discussed before starting any social media campaign. ROI can be measured in many ways, depending on what you are trying to achieve: clicks to your website, booked rooms, increased brand awareness, additional customer service channels, and many others. The requirements of any campaign will vary based on the needs of the hotel, but it is important to know what your end goals are before you start. In this manner you can create the tracking metrics into your campaigns to ensure that you can measure ROI.
  6. What kind of difference in fan conversion have you seen with customers prior to implementing a fan gate as compared with post-implementation?
    • While these numbers can vary greatly depending on the incentive offered along with the fan gate, we have seen an increase in the conversion rate for every client that has implemented a fan gate. On the lower end we have seen around a 20% increase in conversions, and many clients have well above that.
  7. How do you measure fan conversion?
    • For the purposes of this webinar and the discussion of fan gates, we measure conversion percentage as the total number of new fans in a given time period divided by the number of unique visitors in the same period.
  8. How do you tag businesses in posts?
    • First you must connect with the page you wish to tag. This is done by logging in to Facebook and “liking” their page. Then, when you are creating your message, type the “@” symbol followed by the name of the business page. Facebook will populate a list of people/pages you are able to tag based on your connections.
  9. If you run a contest, should you purchase advertising to build fans?
    • Absolutely. Facebook paid ads present a fantastic opportunity to reach users that otherwise would not know you exist. As with any paid search campaign, it is important that the ad leads to some kind of conversion factor so you can measure ROI from your campaign. Having the ad lead to a contest on your page is an excellent way to capture new fans who are interested in what your brand has to offer.
  10. Do you have anything on how to set up Open Graph Verbs in the Facebook Developer menu to take advantage of the new “Verbs” for these contest apps?
    • This is something our development team is working on for our Facebook applications. It does get very technical and requires a decent amount of programming knowledge. Facebook provides a good resource for this in their Facebook Developers section.
  11. Is it useful for hotels to use different languages for different nationalities?
    • If you have a strong user base that communicates in different languages, it can be very effective to create messages specifically in those languages. To ensure you aren’t alienating people who don’t speak those language, you can target your messages to only show up for users who speak that language. When you type your message, before clicking “Share” click on the button to the left that says “Public.” From here you can edit the settings to target your message specifically to people in certain regions (country, state, city) or who speak a particular language.
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