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5 Tips for a Healthy and Happy Blog

Aug 19, 2011   |   Getting Social
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5 Tips for a Healthy and Happy Blog

While there are many reasons to start a blog, the most important thing to focus on once that blog has been created is what to do to make it so that people want to come back and read more! The five highlighted “to-do’s” below outline the most basic (but important) tips to consider when it comes to blogs and can serve as a few good tips and key items to keep in mind for companies just starting out in the world of blogging.

  1. Figure Out Where to Host Your Blog
    • If you can, host your blog directly on your domain. This will help you bring traffic, trust and search engine rankings to your site. If you host on a unique or separate domain, you will do yourself a disservice, as it will not build up the reputation of your primary domain – which should be the goal for your overall site.
  2. Create Good Content Structure
    • Just like great content on an SEO-friendly website, a blog post needs to be written for people to understand and like, but equally importantly…for organic ranking in search engines! Some good ways to ensure you are creating structured and optimized content:
      • Write your post & title first – then utilize keyword research tools to give you the proper words (and their usage, like the order of your phrases) to target and include in your blog post.
      • Use good structure for your page naming. Keep it short and related to your topic. Ex: /hawaii-resort-wedding-contest.
      • Make sure the titles enhance your content. Ex: Hawaii Luxury Resort Wedding Contest Details.
      • Create clean content structure – break up your text with bullets, indentation, photos, etc.
  3. Include Relevant Categories & Tags
    • Making sure you have the relevant categories assigned to your blog post is crucial for allowing users to find your post when they search for a related topic.
    • Choose your tags wisely – don’t overload! Remember to:
      • Use simple, easy-to-remember tags and keep them general. Ex: Hawaii Weddings (general) vs. Finding the Right Flowers in Hawaii for the Bride (too specific).
      • Tag clouds allow users to read blog posts pertaining to a similar topic/nature, but keep your blog’s tag cloud in check! While it’s easy to get carried away with funky designs, to a reader’s eyes they translate into nothing but chaos and confusion. See the examples below for a good tag cloud and a complicated tag cloud.
        Blog Tag Clouds
  4. Post Often!
    • Feed the search engines what they want – fresh, new, updated content!
    • While posting often is great, make sure your posts are about quality and not just quantity, to avoid “reader burnout.”
      • A high number of posts in a short amount of time may turn some followers off. The more overwhelming you are, the less effective your blog will be.
      • Overall idea = keep posts clean, concise and engaging.
  5. Know What to Post
    • Come up with unique, new topics – or a new way to approach a standard topic. No one wants to read the same thing over and over across blogs, so position yourself & your blog as a different and valuable source of information
    • What type of information should you blog about?
      • Interactive – contests are a great idea, as they allow people to be involved and get to be part of the call-to-action.
      • List of Content – name the Top 5 Events in your area or the Top 10 Cool Things to Do in March in your city.
      • Reviews – give a review of a popular hotspot, hangout or new restaurant in your local area.
      • News – update people on local events happening right in their backyard, including community events.

While there are many great tips to keeping a blog fresh and current once it is created, the tips above summarize the basics to getting started and being successful. The overall goal should be to make your opinion known, as people go to a blog to read about someone else’s thoughts and ideas regarding trending topics. Your topics can change on a revolving basis, but keep your style and flow consistent, so people know what to expect from your blog. Writing for people and search engine takes some practice but if you take the time to write great content, people will come back to read more and with time, your blog will be the newest go-to source for information.

Contributed by: Selin Maurice, Sr. Account Manager/eStrategist, Milestone Internet Marketing

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