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“Social Media Management” – An HSMAI University Webinar

Sep 29, 2009   |   Getting Social
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Social Media Management

Kimberly Ercius, Milestone’s Director of Business Development and a Popular HSMAI Webinar speaker will focus on how to manage the most important social media channels in the hospitality industry. Presented with real case studies, this program will review some of the most successful and proven tactics for engaging your customers on the channels where they spend time and perform travel research.
The following are among the many topics we will cover:

  • Major drivers of social media
  • Why hotels should be engaged in the major social media channels
  • Critical social media sites for hotels
  • Incorporating social media elements onto your hotel’s official website
  • Tips for managing several of the most relevant social media sites
  • Most critical metrics for measuring the success of your promotion efforts


Register now at, and check out upcoming webinars as well. And remember, you can watch any time…register and watch a recording once any time in the next 30 days

HSMAI University Webinars are recorded and archived. To learn more and purchase archive copies, please go to:

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