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Tips For Optimizing Facebook News Feed for Hotels

Dec 20, 2011   |   Digital Marketing Ideas, Getting Social
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Optimizing Facebook News Feed for Hotels

Contributed by Caroline Mitchell, eStrategist

Have you ever noticed that even though you have 430 friends on Facebook, only one tenth of them will show up on your news feed? Odds are, your Facebook friends and businesses are still posting on Facebook but a lot of times you will never see their updates. Does that mean that your carefully planned posts might not have even shown up on your Facebook’s fans page? According to the Daily Beast, that is possible. The reason for that is Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm called Edgerank.

There are two settings on your Facebook News Feed: Recent Stories First and Highlighted Stories First. Recent Stories First, as the name says, shows the stories generated by your Facebook friends and brands in chronological order. Highlighted Stories First, filters the posts based on Edgerank and displays content that friends and brand users engage with the most.

Facebook News Feed Optimization Tips for Hotels

Because of EdgeRank, having a marketing plan for your hotel’s Facebook page has become even more important. Here are some tips on how to create optimized news feed updates that are more likely to appear on your fans’ Facebook page:

  1. Keep it fresh. The Facebook Stream moves quickly. Talk about current events, themes and stories. What is happening in your area? Make a Social Media calendar and write down focus, theme, keywords and events that can be used each week.
    Facebook News Feed Optimization Tips for Hotels
  2. Ask questions. Sometimes, simple status won’t move you to the Top News feed. Encourage interaction by asking questions. Posts with a call to action get more engagement than regular posts. And also remember Facebook is a free focus group; take advantage of it to ask questions you really want to know the answer to!
    Facebook News Feed Optimization Tips for Hotels
  3. Post more photos and videos. They do really well on Facebook! A lot of users like to watch more than read and in a feed full of texts, a photo or a video will really catch the users’ attention. Photos and Videos are also favorites for sharing which can be a good way to bring new fans to your hotel page.
    Facebook News Feed Optimization Tips for Hotels
  4. Be human. Be spontaneous. Talk to your fans about things that are not related to hotels. Wish them happy holidays, ask users questions about their personal lives, and of course, thank them for sharing stories with you.
    Facebook News Feed Optimization Tips for Hotels
  5. Keep it simple. A lot of businesses think every time they post something on Facebook, it has to be compelling, incredible and contagious. Instead of writing a paragraph about 5 different things, choose one topic. Studies show that less characters gets more engagement.
    Facebook News Feed Optimization Tips for Hotels

While Facebook EdgeRank can be a little intimidating, if your hotel follows some of these NFO tips, your brand page will have a high chance of being noticed on your fan’s Facebook feed. Also remember to promote your Facebook page. Reach out to your employees to like your page and status!


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