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Twitter Buzz – How to Increase Followers, Traffic, and Conversions

Mar 01, 2012   |   Getting Social, Speaking Our Minds
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Twitter Buzz

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Strategies on how to increase followers, reTweets, traffic, and conversion were discussed at “Building Buzz On Twitter: Getting Followed & Retweeted” @ SMX West 2012. The speakers had unique ideas, especially Carrie Gouldin with Some of ideas were fresh and very engaging. Below are a few points that she touched on.

In order to get quality results through Twitter, you should really focus on your best customers/followers. These users already like you; therefore, they probably will reTweet your Tweets. Be careful to not spam these users. It only takes a second for them to stop following you. Be mindful of the content that you deliver to your followers.

Below are the best ‘types’ of Tweets that are more likely to be reTweeted:

  • Timely: what is happening ‘right now’
  • Informative: People are actually interested/learning about topic
  • Entertaining: Funny, Contests, etc.
  • Emotional: Talk about specific users or experiences

Try not to focus on content that simply promotes your product or service.  Tweet a joke or talk about a current event. These types of Tweets tend to receive higher interactions and are more engaging. Also, make sure to use a bitly shortner to maximize your character limit. This will also help you measure/track reTweets, followers, clicks, image views, site visits, and conversions.

Testing is also a big portion to a successful Twitter strategy. Test Tweets at various times of the day to define when you receive the most reTweets or clicks. Once you know when your audience is most active, you can religiously schedule your Tweets for those times to maximize your efforts.

It’s important to keep in mind that we don’t necessarily have to have a “two way conversation” to increase engagement. Especially through Twitter, your followers like to hear from you. They are interested in what you have to say. ReTweets are a form of engagement, so ensure that you continue to provide content that is highly shareable to your public.


  • Drew Conrad, ZAGG
  • Carrie Gouldin, ThinkGeek
  • Chris Silversmith, Argent Media

Contributed by Zulema Romero, Director of Client Services

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