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Conversion in a Social World with Tim Ash – PubCon 2011

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Conversion in a Social World with Tim Ash

by Mike Supple, Sr. Social Media Manager, Milestone Internet Marketing

Conversion in a Social World with Tim Ash - PubCon 2011In this PubCon Las Vegas 2001 session, Tim Ash, CEO of, examines social media conversions. Too often in social media we focus on niche markets and end up missing the big picture. Social media is not really a new concept: it’s about connecting with people. To truly measure effective conversions, you must define what it is you hope to accomplish with social marketing, and then develop steps to achieve those goals.

Part I: What It Is & Why It Works

  • What do we care most about online? Ourselves.
  • What do we value in social interactions? Consistency: trust, logic, rationality, stability, honesty
  • What don’t we like? Inconsistency: when beliefs, words and deeds don’t match
  • Social marketing works when we get people to make a commitment
  • Best kind of commitment
    • Voluntary – can’t be coerced
    • Public – must be witnessed or recorded
    • Small – will lead to larger commitments later

Part II: Implications for Conversion & Social Media

  • Make sharing easy – the easier the conversion, the more likely it will happen
    • For a behavior to occur, you must combine motivation, ability and a trigger – all at the same time
  • Focus on micro-conversions as success metrics
    • Facebook Likes
    • Tweets of a single phrase within a blog post
    • Writing a review
    • Rating a product or service
    • Clickthrough to another page
  • Go wide and deep & measure everything
    • Social isn’t just about reach and awareness: define conversion metrics and be able to measure them
  • Humanize the computer experience
    • Connect with people rather than making empty requests
  • Demonstrate social proof
    • People care about what their friends think, not what you think – you aren’t in their “in” group
  • Fight massive filtering with content domination
    • Recycle, reuse and repurpose material to maximize your exposure

To sum it all up:

  1. Make sharing easy
  2. Measure everything
  3. Demonstrate social proof
  4. Humanize the experience
  5. Dominate with content

Speaker: Tim Ash

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