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Understanding the Core Vitals Update -, Milestone Inc.

Understanding the Core Vitals Update

October 8, 2020   |   SEO
Over the summer, Google announced its latest impending algorithm update, known as the Core Vitals Update. Although this change will not go live until early 2021, the search engine...
12 must-haves to ensure a successful digital marketing presence in 2020 -, Milestone Inc.

12 Must-Haves to Ensure a Successful Digital Marketing Presence

September 17, 2020   |   Digital Marketing Ideas
For businesses to get on the right foot in 2020 with their digital marketing strategy, Milestone Inc. in association with Search Engine Journal conducted a webinar on ‘digital...
PDFs-and-Images-ADA -, Milestone Inc.

PDFs and Images May Be ADA Non-Compliant, Creating Risk of...

September 5, 2020   |   ADA, Web Design and Promotion
Milestone monitors and manages all aspects of website content and performance for its customers and the community, and compliance with federal standards and laws is an important...
Hotel Reopening and Recovery Playbook -, Milestone Inc.

Covid Hotel CRG Reopening and Recovery Playbook

September 3, 2020   |   Hotel, Post-Covid-19, Web Design and Promotion
In the first weeks of the coronavirus crisis, Milestone created the Crisis-Recovery-Growth framework to help customers and the community address the rapidly changing conditions...
Amp_Improves_Core_Vitals_and_Seo_Performance -, Milestone Inc.

AMP Improves Core Vitals and SEO Performance

September 3, 2020   |   AMP, SEO
With Google announcing the Core Web Vitals metric and its Experience Update, which focuses on user experience, some commentators speculated about the future interest in AMP....
ADA lawsuit - what your business needs -, Milestone Inc.

What Your Business Needs to Take Care of To Be ADA Lawsuit-Free

February 12, 2020   |   Web Design and Promotion
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has been a hot topic for some time now, but over the past couple of years, it has gained a lot of traction, precisely because of the...
Effective Use of Email Marketing Campaigns for Hotels Milestone Inc -, Milestone Inc.

Effective Use of Email Marketing Campaigns for Hotels

November 16, 2019   |   Hotel
Hotels and other businesses can benefit immensely from the effective use of email marketing campaigns because it’s fast, direct, cost-effective, and builds one-to-one...
How to Use Videos & Visual Search for Hotels Milestone Inc -, Milestone Inc.

Online Searchable Videos – Why Hoteliers Should Care

November 12, 2019   |   Hotel
The lodging industry has seen significant adoption of online video marketing because most consumers want to see and experience as much of the hotel as possible before booking...
Milestone White Paper: Why Your Website Needs Schemas -, Milestone Inc.

Milestone White Paper: Why Your Website Needs Schemas

June 20, 2019   |   Whitepapers
Schemas are easy to implement, and they’re an instant SEO win. What are you waiting for? Great search engine organic results can make-or-break your business. So why is it...
Duplicate content -, Milestone Inc.

Impact of Duplicate Content on Rank and Traffic

May 28, 2019   |   SEO
While often a common mistake, duplicate content can harm your online reputation and visibility within the...