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Guide to Instagram Marketing

Guide to Instagram Organic and Paid Marketing for Businesses

April 7, 2022   |   Social
Instagram is one of the top fastest-growing social media platforms in existence. Yet, when Instagram was in its initial phases back in 2010, it was like any other social platform:...
How to do video and YouTube SEO and marketing Milestone Inc

Guide to YouTube Optimization and YouTube SEO

January 7, 2022   |   Social, Videos
Employing a specific YouTube and video strategy to drive your business success during 2022 will be key to ensuring your customer relationship will sustain and grow throughout...
Guide to reviews and reputation -, Milestone Inc.

Guide to Managing Reviews and Building Business Reputation

January 6, 2022   |   Social
Brand reputation and the reviews left online play a critical role in an organization’s ability to grow. They influence not only the number of customers willing to buy a product...
International Women’s Day: Celebrating and Congratulating Amazing Women

International Women’s Day: Celebrating and Congratulating...

March 8, 2021   |   Leadership, Social
I want to congratulate every woman today who chose to challenge and thank everyone who has supported their dreams. Encouraging women at work and in my personal life has always...