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Retweet Me session SMX West 2011The steps that you take when forming a new Twitter personality are essentially just as important as the steps you don’t. Users are looking for authentic engagement and a captivating voice while they’re using social media. By giving them the respectful, robust Twitter experience they’re looking for, you are more likely to gain a qualified and targeted base of followers.

There are many ways to get retweeted outside of Twitter, and tools to manager your Twitter usage. Content always needs to be easily sharable; one known way of doing this is by adding the “Share” button on your site or blog. Other ways aside from the share button, for example would be an overlay-type installation that scrolls with you which uses on their blog page. Quora is a great example of a website that shares content on Twitter. It is a site where a collection of questions and answers are created, edited, and organized by everyone who uses it. Once a question is answered, or has been pending without an answer, anyone with a Twitter account can easily share this question on their Twitter account by simply clicking on button. is a great tool to monitor your work on Twitter. It is a social web analytics tool for publishers, enabling more effective sighting of where their audience is engaging with their content, real-time online monitoring and metrics tracking of trends to improve their audience engagement. Below are some other great tools to look into to better your twitter engagements and experience.

  • CoTweet – Web-based social media engagement, management and reporting tool that helps companies, track and analyze conversions.
  • Row Feeder – Social Media Monitoring and Analysis
    Row Feeder
  • – Spread sheet form analyzing your twitter audience and facebook page


Martin Beck, Reader engagement / social media editor, Los Angeles Times
Gabe Gayhart, VP of Marketing, WholeSolar
Jennifer Sable Lopez, Community Manager, SEOmoz

Contributed by: Zaid Ramadan, SEO Specialist, Milestone Internet Marketing

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