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Best Practices with Google’s New Ad Features

Mar 09, 2011   |   Industry News
New Ad Features

justin smx 2011 03 08b 300 147Jerry Dischler from Google started the session, followed by others with all the new features Google has launched from July 2010. 10% of search results are displayed with one or more new ad formats. Some of the new Ad features are:

1)      Ad Site Links – Ad site links allows advertisers to send traffic to the most relevant pages on a website. This feature now allows users to add up to 10 site links per campaign. Site links show data in 2 formats:

  1. One Line Ads – One Line Ads are more appealing than the other ad formats. Research from Google shows a 17% increase in CTR when compared to other ad formats. The site link name should be small and more appealing and Google shows these Ads in one line.
  2. Two Line Ads – Two Line Ads are better than the regular ad format. Research shows a 30% increase in CTR when compared to other formats.

2)      Seller Rating Extension – Ads scrape data/reviews from checkout websites like Amazon or Google checkout and show right below the Ad copy with a star rating. This helps build trust and gives better user experience. Research shows a 17% increase in CTR and revenue because of Seller Rating Extension.

3)      Product Extension – Product Extension Ad format shows price and pictures of the product. Research shows a 6% increase in sales. This is a comparative ad format that is Google-target.

4)      Local Extension – Local extension has been live for a while now. Ads show address of the location with a map. Advertisers don’t pay if someone uses the map for directions etc. Advertisers only pay when someone is directed to the landing page. Research shows a 6% increase in CTR.

  1. Local Extension can be enabled through the Google Places account.
  2. It can also be added manually. This option works for clients who serve multiple locations and run one campaign.

5)      Phone Extension – Phone extensions are good for mobile campaigns.

  1. Use a Vanity call tracking number. 800 Number can be used to tracking phone calls.
  2. Click-to-call – Enable Click to call or use Google Voice.

6)      Media Ads – Media arts is something going to be released soon. This ad format is designed for entertainment (movies). For example Media Ads shows your trailer, genre information, length etc in the advertisement.

Best practices.

  • Add 10 ad sitelinks per campaign.
  • Use “all products” product target to maximize availability
  • Upload ad specific phone numbers, icons, and URLs into Google Places
  • Optimize your ad text to take advantage of longer top headlines
  • Separate out your mobile campaigns.

Google’s New Ad Features helps optimize our campaigns better and drive relevant traffic, more ROI.

Jerry Dischler, Director of Product Management, Google
Mona Elesseily, VP Online Marketing Strategy, Page Zero Media
Brian Lewis, Vice President, Engine Ready
George Michie, CEO, Rimm-Kaufman Group

Contributed by: Justin Varghese, ROI Manager, Milestone Internet Marketing

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