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Winning With Wedding Questions & Answers

Aug 20, 2021   |   FAQ Manager, Web Design and Promotion
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Winning With Wedding Questions & Answers

One of our Florida hotel clients needed help getting more RFPs from wedding planners and couples. Knowing that FAQs are a highly visible search feature, we provided the client with top wedding planning questions conducted in Google. We then took the questions, along with the client’s answers, and added them to key pages on the website. These questions and answers were marked up with Schema, which is a great way to ensure your content is ready for Google’s rich results. In less than three months, our efforts returned an 18% lift in group leads and a 17% increase in time spent on the pages to which we added the FAQs.

Milestone Case Study on FAQs and Schema to gain more group leads and engagement

Key Takeaways:

This Florida hotel increased wedding leads by enhancing wedding-related content and targeted FAQs which allowed the hotel to attract more traffic. Resulting in search engine result page saturation and there for generating more leads.

  1. Answering questions provides unique, relevant content that will help you show up in search
  2. Over 23% of search results are question-answer based rich snippets
  3. Including calls-to-action inside your answers can help increase conversions

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