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Winning With Wedding Questions & Answers

Aug 20, 2021   |   FAQ Manager, Web Design and Promotion
Winning With Wedding Questions & Answers

One of our Florida hotel clients needed help getting more RFPs from wedding planners and couples. Knowing that FAQs are a highly visible search feature, we provided the client with top wedding planning questions conducted in Google. We then took the questions, along with the client’s answers, and added them to key pages on the website. These questions and answers were marked up with Schema, which is a great way to ensure your content is ready for Google’s rich results. In less than three months, our efforts returned an 18% lift in group leads and a 17% increase in time spent on the pages to which we added the FAQs.

Milestone Case Study on FAQs and Schema to gain more group leads and engagement

Key Takeaways:

This Florida hotel increased wedding leads by enhancing wedding-related content and targeted FAQs which allowed the hotel to attract more traffic. Resulting in search engine result page saturation and there for generating more leads.

  1. Answering questions provides unique, relevant content that will help you show up in search
  2. Over 23% of search results are question-answer based rich snippets
  3. Including calls-to-action inside your answers can help increase conversions

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Ask our experts

  • What are some wedding questions for my website?

    You can bring customers to your page by providing them with answers to common questions of interest. Some common wedding questions that you might want to answer to attract wedding customers include:
    • Typical weather patterns in your area so that the couple can begin to plan on the likely weather based on their chosen date
    • Suggestions for checklists for the couple to go through as they prepare for the wedding
    • Information about your establishment, such as whether you have indoor or outdoor ceremony options and reception options
    • Information about your services, such as whether you provide catering as a part of your package and whether or not you allow outside contractors for these types of services
    • Expected timelines for the events you host
  • How do I get more leads and RFPs for my wedding services?

    To advertise your wedding services, you want to get information about your services in front of couples preparing to tie the knot. Therefore, you want to focus on cultivating the following types of promotion.

    1. Find the types of sites that those interested in planning a wedding might visit. There are several different popular wedding sites that offer guides and forums for people planning weddings. Find advertising opportunities on these sites and otherwise cast yourself as the expert for this audience.
    2. Build PPC campaigns on search engines and social media to target those planning weddings.
    3. Cultivate user-generated content, reviews, and recommendations. Word of mouth can be powerful in the wedding industry. You can offer discounts and other bonuses in exchange for referrals and let satisfied customers know how much you appreciate reviews.
    4. Build a website that emphasizes your wedding services. Include FAQs and other valuable content that encourages couples to imagine what a wedding with your services might be like.
  • How do wedding venues stand out?

    To make your wedding venue stand out, you want to demonstrate how you can help engaged couples have the ceremony and celebration of their dreams. Therefore, as you promote your wedding services, in addition to investing in fresh, high-quality photos, you want to showcase what makes you unique. Promote on your website ideas such as:

    • A smooth and less stressful event
    • Different themes or styles you can accommodate
    • Your responsiveness and flexibility to help couples plan their dream ceremony
    • Unique packages or special features that others do not offer
    • An easy-to-use website so that customers can find what they are looking for and find how to contact you
    • A design that emphasizes communication. For example a chatbot on the wedding services page, click to call buttons on mobile versions of the website, and rapid response times to emails sent can all help create a meaningful website experience.
  • What are wedding marketing best practices?

    To build your wedding marketing strategy, you want to focus on knowing precisely who your audience is. There are countless different styles of weddings. You want to know if you will cater to groups such as those interested in formal events, casual gatherings, a particular type of theme, those who want destination all-in-one weddings, or another unique audience.

    Once you know how you want to reach, then you will need to:
    • Research search terms and target keywords used by your audience
    • Uncover websites, social media groups, forums, and other gathering places for your particular wedding audience
    • Build a strong social media presence and a user-friendly website that heavily incorporates imagery to help people picture themselves experiencing their big day using your establishment and services.
    • Cultivate user-generated content, asking people to tag you in publicly posted pictures of their weddings. You can also let happy couples know how much you appreciate reviews and referrals.
    • Make communication easy for customers. Those planning a wedding often find the process chaotic. Make sure that they find dealing with you to be simple and straightforward.
    • Collect positive reviews from happy customers.
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