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Why Run PPC for Hotels? [Video]

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Run PPC for Hotels

Current Search Results

As we all know, the current search results page for most hotel search queries are extremely saturated and constantly changing with new forms of advertisement. Take for example, a search query for Hotels in New York City: Above the fold in the search results is the Google Carousel, Paid OTA advertisements, multiple Paid hotel ads, Google Hotelfinder search results, and even the Google local map. Just from this one search results page, we can see a high saturation above the fold. If you are not currently running Paid Search ads, I would highly recommend running a test search query for hotels in your metro area.

What do you see? And where would you like your hotel’s advertisement to fall? Are you competitive enough in your market?

So then…Why Run Paid Search?

If you found the search results of your property’s metro area as saturated as the NYC example, Paid Search can help increase the visibility and return on investment for your hotel. When advertising in Paid Search, it’s easy to highlight unique selling points in the ad copy, implement click to call for mobile devices, as well as use an intriguing call to action. There is a low Cost per Click (CPC) to compete with hotels and OTA’s, alike and Click Through Rate (CTR %) tends to be on the higher side since your advertisements are in the top of the search results where most consumers click.

“….34% of paid search clicks happen with an organic result by the same advertiser on the page.”
– Miranda Miller, Search Engine Watch

Advantages of Running PPC

Here at Milestone, we are constantly strategizing innovative ways for our hotel clients to further benefit from their existing organic listings. By positioning your hotel as a highlighted/paid ad, in addition to your organic listing, you will be able to participate in Google’s competitive bidding system to dominate the Paid Search results above competitors in your area, as well as OTA’s. PPC for hotels will also maximize brand exposure and awareness for your property through different offers in the ad headline and copy. Lastly, Paid Search Advertising immediately tracks results from impressions to clicks to return on investment (dependent on the booking engine), making for an easy and fast-reacting optimization strategy.

Watch the above video for an interesting live demo explaining benefits of running PPC for hotels!

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