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Unveiling the new CMS 6.5 UI that redefines user experience

Apr 01, 2021   |   Web Design and Promotion
Unveiling the new CMS 6.5 UI that redefines user experience

With over 2000 websites live, 18 terabytes plus worth of data transferred and millions of website visitors every month, Milestone CMS dictates the digital experience for businesses. Focused on mobile and website speed, user engagement, offers, and personalization, Milestone CMS has been the backbone of businesses across the globe – helping them better their reach, conversions, and engagement.

Just on the back of winning the Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International (HSMAI) Adrian silver award for setting up crisis communication websites to restore customer trust and traffic during the pandemic, our multi-award winning and the only SEO-first CMS is going to
get better.

We’re proud to unveil the new Milestone CMS 6.5 UI.

Milestone CMS 6.5 UI: A new UI that offers an unmatched user experience!

The new Milestone CMS 6.5 comes with a sleek and modern design, and importantly, improves the user journey. With Milestone CMS 6.5, the workflow is simplified, and managing your website content and assets are a breeze.

While we couldn’t be any more excited, let’s bring to your attention, 3 key features that will be rolled out ‘This Week’ to make navigation on Milestone CMS an absolute charm.

1. Brand new dashboard

You’d want to get the best results for your website that you’d possibly can for the least amount of time and our new UI and action-focused dashboard will give you all the tasks that you can carry out on Milestone CMS on a single screen. The actions are clearly defined under Marketing Tools, Manage Content, Settings, and SEO, ensuring that you’re just a click away from carrying out any function you want on our CMS.

2. Left-hand navigation on the website screen

While using the WYSIWYG on the website screen, you will have the improved left-hand navigation that helps you find any feature and carry out your task with just a few clicks. The left-hand navigation maps the features exactly in the order displayed on the main dashboard, ensuring that your workflow is methodical and focused.

3. Quick Access Search

With this option, you wouldn’t need to browse through the plethora of CMS features, instead get straight to the action using the global search bar. Type in the feature and choose what you want from the suggestions on the search bar. Alternatively, use CTRL + Space to find a feature even without a single mouse click.

Coming soon: What’s next for Milestone CMS 6.5

Since we’ve got you started, let’s give you a sneak peek of what’s in store for Milestone CMS 6.5 and the key features that we’ll be rolling out over the next few months:

Improved user journey in Image Flows

Managing your website content and images could be tasking and time-consuming, but not with Milestone CMS 6.5. The improved user journey in Image Flows makes asset management intuitive and simple. With a defined flow, you can search, manage, and upload images on your website in no time.

One-step Push Notification workflow

Drive engagement of your business whether customers are on your page or not. With the new one-step push notification workflow, we’ve consolidated six steps to one – on a single screen. With the immediate and schedule options, engaging with your customers doesn’t get easier than this.

In-app Product tours and Knowledge Base

Wish to get acclimatized to the new screens and get to work right away? We’ll have in-app product tours and a knowledge base to help if you’re stuck with any workflow on Milestone CMS 6.5.

To know more about Milestone CMS 6.5, why you need to control your digital experience and what’s in store for us, write to us at [email protected] or call us at 408-200-2211.

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