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Twitter: the Search Engine

More and more internet users are turning to Twitter to fulfill their search engine needs. When using Twitter to do a search, the results are related Tweets.

For instance, if you are Tweeting about an upcoming event in your local area, Twitter users will find your Tweet in their results if they searched for that event. The results can be filtered by most-recent posts, local posts, etc.

Twitter Search Bar

Twitter Search Bar

  • Twitter search queries increased in number by 33% April 2010-July 2010.
  • Now, Twitter is seeing at 800 million queries per day (equaling roughly 24 billion per month).
  • Twitter has more monthly searches than Yahoo and Bing had in December 2009, combined.
Comparing the frequency of users on different search engines.

Comparing the frequency of users on different search engines.

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Contributed by Bradyn Blower, Milestone Internet Marketing

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