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PPC Landing Page and Multi-Variant Testing

Feb 27, 2009   |   Web Design and Promotion
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PPC Landing Page

Jeremy Crane, TNS Compete
Dan Darnell,
Interwoven, Inc.
Sandra Niehaus, Closed Loop Marketing

Notes: A few years ago, it was considered normal practice to set up one landing page and send all types of traffic ranging from “cheap waikiki hotels” to “Waikiki hotels” to the same landing page. The mentality of “set it and forget it” was commonplace. However, as more web surfers (not to mention, search engines) demand more relevancy to what landing page is being shown – it is now almost mandatory that we do landing page/multi-variant testing.

So what is landing page / multi-variant testing?
In a nutshell, it just means testing different elements on a website. It could be as small as testing the call to action button. For example, how would a consumer respond to the button that says “Book Now” vs. “Go” on a hotel’s website? Or it could be as drastic as changing the entire navigation and color schemes. Whatever you test, it is bound to affect consumer response. The main question is whether or not that impact is positive or negative.

The first step to begin is to define what elements you wish to test.
Define which elements you think drives conversions and test and see if you can push the envelope even further.

In conclusion, no matter what element you wish to test on the site, one thing for sure is the learning that you will get from understanding how this change impacted conversions. Landing page testing is no longer just an option, but a great opportunity to optimize your page for better success. Happy Landing Page Testing!

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