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Real Time Search and How to Optimize Your Site

Aug 17, 2010   |   Web Design and Promotion
Real Time Search

With ‘Real Time Search’, Google and other search engines now present live updates from social channel sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, with the latest news headlines and blog posts in search results for a given search phrase.

Real Time Search

For marketers and businesses today, real time search offers a plethora of opportunities to enhance online visibility. The following are three steps for how to use real time search to help in your online marketing efforts.

  1. What’s Hot Right Now: Find out what users are searching for online and which latest topics and trends are being discussed at this very minute. Here are a couple of tools that can help with finding the latest hot topics:
    • Google Trends – a free tool that is very useful in finding the hottest topics and searches on Google. (
    • Delicious lets you check out the kind of content which is generating a great deal of buzz across the social web
  2. Create Real Time Search Compatible Content: Timing is key for getting the most mileage out of real time search results. Create content which is relevant to the top searches, topics, and trends, then optimize it for the latest search terms. For the hospitality industry, a good strategy would be to center content around hot topics and/or hot searches such as:
    • Local and seasonal events
    • Seasonal Offers and Promotions
    • News in the area
    • New attractions in the area
  3. Post Content on the Right Real Time Channels:
    • Tweets and Facebook updates: Content from social sites appears quickly in search results. It’s very easy to post Tweets and Facebook updates, so both should be key factors in the hotel’s real time SEO strategy.
    • Blog posts: Blogging offers an avenue to help content rank well. Through blogging, hotels have the opportunity to write meatier content relative to hot topics and searches.
    • Optimized Press Releases: By optimizing press releases and submitting them to the right news channels, a marketer can ensure that their content pulls up high on search engine rankings.
    • Website: Use your website to post fresh content which talks about the latest topics, and addresses the latest searches.

Real time search results can have a huge impact on search engine results. Savvy marketers should leverage real time search and include time sensitive content on social channels

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