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Google Introduces New Sitelink Extension Feature

Aug 17, 2010   |   Web Design and Promotion
Sitelink Extension Feature

An interactive new Google Adwords feature called ‘Sitelinks’ will allow Adwords customers the opportunity to list up to four Sitelinks underneath their sponsored listing. This feature will expand the value of an advertisement by showcasing additional search-based related links to users whose search triggered the advertisement. The Sitelinks feature will only be enabled when the ad appears in the top position.

Google Site Link Extension

The initial rollout of this feature will include the following details:

  • Available to all Google Adwords customers
  • Display up to 4 Sitelinks underneath your paid listing
  • Allows up to 10 total Sitelinks to be added to any given campaign
  • No need to change current ads – Sitelinks can be added directly below existing advertisements
  • No additional cost (will not directly raise the bidding price on keywords)
  • Allow users to further engage websites by offering the opportunity to select from four different landing pages

The new Sitelinks feature will allow Adwords marketers the opportunity to enhance the value of their ads. This feature also provides marketers different landing pages based on their targeted search keywords. The Ad Sitelinks feature makes it easy to update seasonal or limited promotions such as specials, packages, and seasonal events.

Early results are showing a 30% increase in CTR for many marketers year over year (YOY). On the sales side, some are seeing a 15%-40% increase in brand PPC sales YOY. Having the ability to bring marketers closer to their initial search using deeper links in their sponsored listing should have a positive effect on improving conversion rates.




Contributed by: Marc St. Pierre, eStrategist, Milestone Internet Marketing, Inc.

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