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How does Quality Score impact the performance of your PPC campaign?

Apr 20, 2009   |   Web Design and Promotion
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Quality Score impact the performance

How does Quality Score impact performance of your ppc campaign?
Quality Score is a way for search engines to measure quality and relevancy of your ad. Quality score is a dynamic value assigned by search engines to each keyword.

Quality Score definition given by Search Engine
“We firmly believe that delivering more relevant ads to users will result in more quality
leads to advertisers, invite even more participation in our network and ultimately create
a more valuable marketplace for users, advertisers, publishers and Yahoo.”
-Tim Cadogan –VP, Yahoo Search Marketing

Key factors influencing Quality score
Quality Score reflects your keyword’s CTR and the relevance of your ad text and landing page. Keywords with high Quality Scores are more relevant for users, more effective for your ad campaigns, and have lower minimum CPC bids.

How to optimize your quality score?
QS optimization is built on the premise that the most effective way to lower your CPC and increase your position is to improve the specific factors that Google and others evaluate to calculate your quality score.

Here are the five most critical components of Quality Score Optimization:
Click-Through-Rate (“CTR”), Keyword Bid (Maximum CPC), Ad Group and Campaign Structure, Ad Copy, Landing Page Quality

How to improve your Quality score?
As a very first step, it is great to utilize keyword analysis report provided by google including recommendation given by google to improve quality score.

Few other tips which can help in increasing quality score

  1. Making your ads relevant by integrating top performing keywords in ad copy, landing pages
  2. Pull a Search Query Report to find additional negative keywords
  3. Split keywords into smaller more targeted ad groups
  4. More relevant ad copy for each ad group
  5. Added and refined creative by doing AB testing
  6. Landing Pages Multi Variant Testing for Best Conversion
  7. Tested matching options (exact usually works best)
  8. Ultimately, it is about establishing synergy between a particular keyword and Click Through-Rate (“CTR”), Keyword Bid (Maximum CPC), Ad Group and Campaign Structure, Ad Copy, Landing Page Quality.

In conclusion, it is crucial to pay attention to quality score of your keywords and use some of the strategies given above to improve quality score of your keywords with in adgroup.

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