PPC and SEO finally walk in an aisle

Published: Nov 09, 2011
PPC and SEO finally walk in an aisle

PPC and Organic work hand in hand. Use some of the ideas to leverage ppc and seo and vice versa to increase quality traffic andconversions.

  1. Test the title tags on ppc and based on the results adjust organic title tags. Always have couple of versions before launching them.
  2. Use ACE (Adword Campaign Experiment) and test.
  3. Use ppc stats to know which keyword convert and apply organically and vice versa
  4. Content campaigns stats can show you the best linkbuilding websites doe the web – Doubleclick adplanner tool is very effective tool.
  5. Perform landing page optimization test using paid search campaigns and categorize and optimize the seo.

Study shows in travel industry, a visitor might visit 9 websites before making a conversion.

Conclusion: seo and paid marketing team should work together , share data, perform tests and increase quality traffic and conversions.

Speakers: Brad Geddes

Contributed by – Justin Varghese, ROI Manager, Milestone Internet Marketing Inc.

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