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Power Tools for the Paid Search Pro

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Power Tools for the Paid Search

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Tools Suggested by Brad Geddes:

  • Yahoo Clues – Yahoo’s version of Google Insights; find keyword ideas and trends through this tool
  • Next Analytics – import your paid search data in Google Analytics into excel for easy analysis and reporting
  • Acquisio Broad Match Modifier – except in unique cases, some form of modified broad match should always be used in every PPC campaign; this free tool makes it easy to quickly update a list of broad keywords
  • Adsense Sandbox – quickly see the latest contextual and geo-targeted Google Ads for a URL or keyword
  • Certified Knowledge Ad Copy Creator – a tool for quickly generating ad copy, especially for accounts with dozens or hundreds of ad groups
  • Certified Knowledge Quality Score Analyzer – identifies and provides recommendations for improving keyword quality scores

Tools Suggested by David Rodnitzky:

  • – search for ads by brand or use the brand analytics tool to measure attention through heatmaps
  • – competitive analysis tool for quickly finding ads and traffic sources
  • analytics tools for content network ad placement to identify the traffic sources and keyword most associated with a site
  • – instant rich media creator


Tools Suggested by Chad Summerhill:

  • BoostCTR – crowd sourcing tool for developing ad copy
  • Visual Website Optimizer – A/B testing tool for creating and comparing landing page performance
  • #PPCChat on twitter (Tuesdays @ noon) – not so much a tool as a resource, twitter users can follow this hashtag to stay on top of PPC news and developments
  • Gazel Adwords – easy excel plug-in that pulls Adwords data directly into excel so it can be easily manipulated and refreshed in a few simple clicks
  • Queryminer – tool for finding negative keywords and identifying keywords that need better landing pages


Tools Suggested by James Zolman:

  • Plenty of Fish and Plenty of Fish Uploader – an unconventional approach, James advocated first researching audience demographics through the dating site Plenty of Fish to test how different groups responded to advertisments
  • – great research tool for researching Adsense sites or performing a competitors’ analysis
  • Rockstar Power Suite (highly recommended) – a research and campaign development tool from banner creation to media buys


  • Brad Geddes, Certified Knowledge (Moderator)
  • David Rodnitzky, PPC Associates
  • Chad Summerhill, ABF U-Pack Moving
  • James Zolman, Quality Scores

Contributed by Jonas Pauliukonis, Sr. eStrategist

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