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Leverage Paid Search for Cross Platform Optimization

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Leverage Paid Search

Running a paid search campaign can be a very effective strategy to optimize other channels such as your website and social media. Paid search campaigns offer new insights for other platforms; here’s how:

    1. Converting Keywords
      • Use Google AdWords Analytics to see which the keywords that are generating the highest amounts of traffic. The best keywords are converting customers and driving revenue.
      • Keywords with higher impressions, click through rates, and conversions should be considered when looking to increase organic traffic, or when developing a social media campaign.

PPC Keyword Analysis

Figure 1: One keyword generated $2,129.40 with only 5 clicks. Another keyword had 156 clicks but only generated $1,534.80. Consider these high performing keywords when looking to optimize your site.

  1. Search Query Report Trends
    • Reviewing Search Query Reports monthly help to understand new trends, new keywords or negative keywords to add to existing campaigns.
    • These new keywords can then be implemented on the website or social channels.
  2. Focusing on the Local Experience
    • Emphasis on Niche and Local markets can be one of the most important elements of an effective PPC campaign. Local paid search provides the best option for what drives traffic in the local vicinity. Local campaigns must be backed by effective social and organic landing pages (ex. Local favorites)
  3. Using Mobile Ads to Test Potential for Mobile Campaigns
      • Developing a mobile ad campaign – and tracking the number of accessible mobile users – provides an excellent test case when determining whether or not to launch a mobile site or social media campaign.

    PPC mobile device click generations

    Figure 2: In a single month this campaign was able to generate 57 clicks/calls from Mobile devices for only $25.

  4. Facebook Advertising
      • Facebook ads offer another channel for promoting a special/package/contest while driving users to the website. The same ads can help increase brand awareness while increasing the number of Facebook fans.
      • Facebook Insights provide unique statistics about your Facebook fan base that can help target your audience across all campaigns.

    PPC Facebook Ad Conversion
    Figure 3: In three weeks, almost 500 people “liked” a Facebook page from a paid ad. Paid advertisements on Facebook offer the ability to quickly increase the number of fans.

Along with your organic promotions, paid search not only drives traffic and conversions to your website but you can use paid search to optimize organic and social media efforts. Try to gain as much data as you can to fully optimize across all channels!

Contributed by: Amanda Brinkerhoff & David Addison, Milestone Internet Marketing

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