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Milestone’s Top 10 Website Programming Guidelines

Jun 04, 2007   |   Web Design and Promotion
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1. Use clean CSS (cascading style sheets) codes
2. If websites are built on a dynamic platform, make sure that your Content Management System is search engine friendly
3. Keep your codes clean by calling all java scripts and CSS using an include file
4.Use keyword rich H1 TAGS
5.Use ALT Tags for images to enable your site to be read by visitors with visual/hearing impairments and name all your images keyword rich
6. Keep the download time low by reducing images on the site
7. Float the content right at the top and make it easy for the crawler to index your page
8. Make sure phone numbers and address are on every page as text
9. Use Absolute Links, no relative links
10. Check for browser compatibility so the site appears the same across all platforms

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