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Using the Right Format For Your Web Images

Oct 25, 2006   |   Web Design and Promotion
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It seems to be an uphill battle to secure quality web images that are clear, but not too large. Here are few tips you might want to remember when securing pictures for the Web.

72 DPI, 5×7 – Currently, images on the web are divided into several image formats: GIF, JPEG, and PNG. Images created for print usually have a DPI (Dot per Inch) resolution of 300 and higher. Computer monitors can only display 72 pixels per inch, so setting the DPI of your web images higher than 72 will only waste file space. When you are scanning in images or making your images web ready, remember to set the image resolution at 72 DPI, 5×7.

JPEGs V. GIFs – As a standard practice, you should save your photographic images as JPEGs and save your graphical images such as charts and diagrams (using 256 colors or less) as GIFs if they are to be used for the web. Therefore, images of your hotel or property can be saved as a JPEG and illustrations of your hotel meeting room can be saved as a GIF.

Hotel & Destination Photos – Always select photographs that appeal to your target audience – the group for which your website message is designed. Providing hotel and destination photos of high clarity can vastly help in conveying the right message and picture to your potential guests. For example, if your hotel is in Tennessee and the closest attraction is a casino, you want your site to visually portray a nightlife theme, not a country theme. Selecting appropriate photos of good quality is super critical.

Proper Copyright – Make sure to secure and use only copyrighted images. If you are using destination specific images, you might want to secure a copyright from your local CVB or stock photography sites. It is also advisable that if you use a photographer that specializes in architecture photography, you get the rights to use these images for both the web and print.

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