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Google AdWords Launches Display Ads on Google Image Search

Nov 24, 2010   |   Web Design and Promotion
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Google AdWords

Google Launches Image Search Display Ads

In July, Google redesigned their Images section and introduced Image Search Ads, which include a thumbnail image alongside the ad text.  Now Google sees a great opportunity for advertisers to reach users with engaging ads based on the image search.

Google is expanding their image ad formats available and offering leaderboard ads above Google Image search results.  Google hopes that with the introduction of the display ad format advertisers will have an opportunity to reach users with engaging ads, increasing brand awareness, clicks and conversions. Millions of users around the world access Google Images to find relevant photos and images every week.  The display ads on Google Images are available on a small fraction of queries in the US and UK only right now, but are expected to expand in the near future.

Banner ad on Google Image search

Banner ad on Google Image search

The display ads work the same as they would on other Google Display Network sites.  The ad will be triggered based on the category of the search term that the user entered.  For example, if a user searches “sneakers” in Google Images, a banner ad for Sneakers will appear at the top of the image result.

After launching a specific ad you can review the specific performance metrics for ads with CPC, CPM and CTR.  The pricing for these ads are similar to Google AdWords with cost-per-click (CPC) pricing or cost-per-thousand impression (CPM).

Google constantly works to better display advertising for both users and advertisers.  We expect to see Google expand this service for all target audiences and more queries in the near future.

Source: Inside Google AdWords Blog, “Display ads on Google Images trial”, Tuesday, November 16th

Contributed by: Amanda Brinkerhoff, Milestone Internet Marketing

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