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Tips for Taking the Google AdWords Exam

Apr 20, 2009   |   Web Design and Promotion
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Google AdWords Exam

Taking the exam to become a Google AdWords Qualified Individual may seem like a daunting task – after all, you only get 90 minutes to answer 110 questions on a variety of AdWords topics. But with enough preparation and studying, one should do just fine. Here are a few of our tips on how to pass the exam:

Top Tips to Preparing for the exam:

  1. Watch all the videos in Google AdWords Learning Center, takes notes, after that, take all the quizzes
  2. Print out all the text material provided and follow along with your AdWords account opened on the screen
  3. Get much more acquainted with AdWords interface, for example, what’s the difference between a Campaign Summary vs. Campaign Details?

Top Tips During the exam:

  1. Do not stress, try to go thru the questions as quickly and as thoroughly as you can. If you do not know the answer to a question, skip it – you can always go back later
  2. Have another browser opened and signed into Google AdWords, often times you will have to reference the interface the confirm the correct answer
  3. Read each question carefully – sometimes the questions are tricky! Also – they may be asking you to select 2 answers from the 4 provided, so be sure to read what is required for each question

In a nutshell – study all the materials provided by Google, they prove to be invaluable lessons that are a great refresher even for those who deal with Google AdWords everyday. During the exam, work as quickly and efficiently as possible and skip the questions where you need to spend more time on later. Good luck!

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