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Google Ad Words Bid Management

Nov 12, 2009   |   Web Design and Promotion
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Ad Words Bid Management
  1. Bid aggressively from the beginning – Since you are new advertiser, you need to have large bids. Especially, if you are entering a level competition where the competing advertisers are established in AdWords, Google will recognize you as a low value advertiser in comparison. Therefore, your bids need to be above average or above the recommended CPC.
  2. Bid high for core industry terms – Similar to the reason above, you’ll want to establish yourself as being valuable as the competitors who have established reputations in that industry. Bidding aggressively on these specific keywords yield feedback and exposure faster than if all your bids were average.
  3. Bid on longtail keywords – Generally, long tail keywords tend to insinuate an intention to purchase whereas short tail keywords insinuate the consumer is still researching. Long tail keywords, since they are often not sought out by the more established competitors, tend to have lower CPA.
  4. Bid on your brand – Your brand will more often will have the highest CTR.

Source: Wall, Aaron. “Big Management Strategies.” SEO Training.

Use effective management strategies, along with improving quality score, to increase the impressions and CTR of your ads. Moreover, use effective management strategies at the right time of your campaign, knowing that above-average bids need to be used in the beginning while more established campaigns can have below-average bids.

Contributed by: Nelson Toriano, Milestone Internet Marketing

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