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Maximizing Paid Search Campaigns with Google’s Adwords Extensions

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Maximizing Paid Search Campaigns

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Adwords Extensions give advertisers greater flexibility in what content appears with their ads and offers searchers a unique and oftentimes more relevant experience.  From click-to-call extensions to location-based extensions to the latest social extensions, each format is geared towards connecting merchants and customers quickly and under the best conditions for conversion.

The panel discussed several ideas for taking advantage of these extensions within Adwords:

  • Optimize campaign structure by extensions – beyond the typical organization by keywords and targeting, advertisers should also consider organizing by how they ultimately want the ads to appear in Google
  • Keyword performance may impact which sitelinks and extensions display – based on the user’s search intent, Google chooses which extensions may show, so advertisers should consider all possible scenarios when selecting an extension for a campaign
  • Messaging should complement extensions – if the ad’s call-to-action mentions “booking online”, it might be best to not have a click-to-call extension show
  • Don’t assume having multiple extensions automatically benefits performance – just because an ad is showing multiple extensions doesn’t connote relevancy – careful tracking and analysis will indicate what combinations works best

Although not applicable to service-based businesses including hotels, the panel also discussed product extensions, which allow retailers and other businesses that ship physical goods to display their products within their ads.  Brian Lewis did share one case study of using product extensions:

  • 14% of total impressions
  • 76% increase in overall CTR
  • Average position increase of .2
  • 16% increase in average cost per click (CPC)
  • Conversions were similar, translating to a 15% increase in cost per acquisition (CPA)

Although the CPC and CPA data tends to argue against the use of product extensions, Brian said it does depend on the product or good and that is has been shown to be successful in many other cases.  Even if the searcher didn’t become a customer after clicking on the ad the first time, that might present an opportunity for remarketing.


  • Pamela Parker, Search Engine Land (Moderator)
  • Sarah Dahlin, Point It Search Marketing Agency
  • Brian Lewis, Engine Ready
  • Laura Thieme, Bizwatch

Contributed by Jonas Pauliukonis, Sr. eStrategist

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