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How to Refresh Your PPC Campaign in 2012

Jan 26, 2012   |   Web Design and Promotion
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Refresh Your PPC Campaign

January is a great time to review and refresh your PPC campaign for the new year [tweet this article] . Carefully analyzing 2011 trends and data are important prior to making adjustments for 2012, and here is Milestone’s recommended steps to get your paid search campaign off to a good start for 2012:

  1. Analyze competition: Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors is essential to any paid search marketing strategy. Once you begin to understand your competitors’ strategy, you can begin to make decisions and changes effectively. Your competition may adjust their paid search strategy in 2012 based on historical data. Right now is a perfect time to outline your strategy for 2012.
  2. Refresh adcopy: Now that the holidays are over and December deals have come to an end, it is vital to suspend all holiday-related adcopy, review 2011 adcopies, and create enhanced strategies for 2012. Make sure to refresh any adcopy that has been running for over nine months or adcopy that is not performing well based on CTR. While reviewing the content of the adcopy make sure that the landing page is the most relevant to the ad. Below is an example of an adcopy that should have been suspended right after the holidays, but continues to run – how embarrassing!
    refreshing hotel ppc campaign in 2012
  3. Review and filter keywords: Along with auditing the campaign’s adcopy, it is important to analyze the campaign keywords and negative keywords. You never want to restrict qualified traffic so it is important to review the current list of negative keywords. When negative keywords are used correctly they can improve efficiency and decrease unqualified traffic. It is easy to overlook negative keywords but it is very important to audit them this month.


To keep a PPC campaign effective, it is imperative to evaluate it at major turning points. These turning points may be a change of season, change of calendar year, or just a change in the promotions, deals, or discounts being offered by the business. Stale PPC campaigns are ineffective and a waste of PPC budget. In addition, keeping an eye on what competitors are doing will help get the ball rolling and inspiration to refreshing the ads.

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Amanda Brinkerhoff, PPC Manager
Subina Desai, Sr. eStrategist

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