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Universal Search

Nov 12, 2007   |   Speaking Our Minds
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Recently Google and other search engines launched a feature called universal search. Universal search shows mixed search results from several online advertising media such as websites, video, mobile, local, images, news, and several others.  Currently this feature is in beta with some of the search engines and the engines show universal results only for select keywords.  We expect that over the next few months, universal search results will start showing up for keywords typed in the internet search engines. 

This helps in optimizing (dominating) search engine results effectively by adding video search, blogs, news releases in to your marketing mix. From a hoteliers point of view, it is important to look at your marketing mix as a combination of all the media above – websites, online search engine optimized video, images, blogs, and press releases.  To see a demonstration of Universal Search, type the keyword “Steve Jobs” in the Google search engine.  The screen shot below shows results from the first page of Google Search Results.  For more on how to maximize your search engine rankings over the next few months, contact your Milestone representative.

universal search

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