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Rich Media Insights from Milestone Research

Jul 30, 2020   |   Research, SEO
Milestone Research Rich Media Insights -, Milestone Inc.

Milestone uses a number of sources to interpret market changes and opportunities on behalf of the customers: deep analysis of data with Milestone Research, a strong network of digital marketing professionals, including those at Google and Microsoft, and hands-on experience testing and optimizing customer sites every week.

All of these sources came together to help us interpret the long-term trend in rich media and a short-term impact being reported in the network of digital marketers.

Rich Media Results Milestone -, Milestone Inc.

Rich results are the most visible change in the search results over the last 6 years, so we at Milestone watch the developments closely.

Some people in the industry have seen sharp drops in FAQ Rich Results impressions and clicks, so let’s start there. FAQ Rich Results show up under a traditional page listing.

Schema Snippet -, Milestone Inc.

To explore the reported impact, we pulled data for 80 sites to compare June and July rich results performance, and for FAQ Rich Results we do not see a drastic change in Impressions, Clicks, and CTR down 6-10% and Position up 6%. So while we do believe some in the industry have experienced big drops, it appears not to be an across the board impact.

Rich Results actually expanded Impressions up 24.7% and Clicks somewhat, while CTR went down as position improved.

Recipe Gallery saw a significant jump of 55% in Impressions and Clicks and some drop in Position and CTR, while Recipe Rich Results was flat.

AMP non-rich results were steady on Impressions with CTR and clicks down. Videos, Reviews, and Product rich results were little changed.

Conclusions: Google adjusts the algorithm most days with larger changes about twice a quarter. Expanded use of rich media and verticalization of the SERPs is a long-term trend we should all expect to continue. Drastic changes that penalize white hat practitioners are often fixed in subsequent adjustments known as rollbacks.

Recommendations: Check your Google Search Console Performance Report and add a Search Appearance qualifier and look at the trend for big changes.

Rich-Results-Search-Appearance-GSC-July-2020-Milestone -, Milestone Inc.

If you see a large change, check the structured data markup on those items for errors, which you can also find in the Google Search Console rich media enhancements -, Milestone Inc.under Enhancements.

And always remember to not over-react to algo changes. Keep making useful content and propagate that content horizontally across the asset types that display for keywords and are engaged with by your prospects and customers.

If you would like assistance with content, technical SEO, or reporting, drop us a line at [email protected].


Here are rich media definitions from Google Support

“Supported search appearance types include:

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