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Post Click Marketing: Landing Page Optimization, PubCon 2011

Nov 10, 2011   |   Speaking Our Minds
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Post Click Marketing

3 elements to a converting landing page:
1. Get Their Attention

  • Be specific
  • It’s about the visitor, not you
  • The benefit should be perfectly clear
  • Show the immediate gain

2. Keep Them Engaged

  • They must identify with our proposition
  • They must be able to trust you
  • They must believe their needs will be met
  • They can’t have doubts/concerns

3. Call Them to Action

Gathering intelligence – Strategies

  • Attention testing tools
  • A/B and multivariate testing
  • User testing
  • Analytics testing

Advanced Segment for Landing Pages:

  • Region – what content is each region most interested in?
  • Matched Search Queries – determine if you are getting the right audience for your landing page topic
  • Returning vs. New Visitors – look at returning and new visitors differently
  • Google URL Builder – use Google’s url builder to see how your social messaging brings in visitors
  • Top Converting Pages – which landing pages are converting the best?

User Psyche – 10 questions to ask

  1. Are you presenting your prices the right way?
  2. Should you be highlighting your prices, features or benefits?
  3. Are you matching ad copy to your landing page headlines?
  4. Do theme pages perform better than single product pages?
  5. Does your landing page images reinforce your lading page concept?
  6. What reading patterns does your audience use?
  7. What emotion should you convey to your audience?
  8. Can you communicate the same message using fewer words? Is your headline too clever?
  9. Is your landing page talking about you or your visitor?
  10. What unnecessary steps can you eliminate from the conversion process?

How should you test? Create Powerful Hypotheses

  • Value Proposition
  • Relevance
  • Clarity
  • Anxiety
  • Distraction
  • Urgency

Other ways to optimize your landing page:

1. Keep the Promise

  • Keyword and ad should match
  • Ad message and landing page message should match
  • DKI can make this difficult

2. Layout should drive your conversion

  • Less than 8 seconds to make an impression
  • Make your layout simple, and easy to comprehend

3. Minimize distractions

  • Consider removing navigation
  • Minimize outbound links from the page
  • Focus on main message

4. Reduce barrier to entry

  • Keep forms as short as possible
  • Require the fewest files possible
  • Consider the value of the offer compared to the cost of the offer

5. Attract focus to the conversion action

  • Use complimentary colors to make the conversion action stand out
  • Design elements also help to point out the conversion action


Janet Driscoll Miller
Taylor Pratt
Christ Goward

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