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Webinar Recap: 2019 State of Local Search & How to Get Your Business In Front of Users

Apr 18, 2019   |   Local Search, Webinar
Webinar Video: 2019 State of Local Search & How to Get Your Business In Front of Users -, Milestone Inc.

“I’m looking for a (Hotel, Restaurant, ATM, Store, etc.) near me”

Our April. 17 webinar covered the best strategies that location-based businesses (hotels, restaurants, banks, retailers, etc.) can implement in 2019, to bring customers into their business. We had a great time hearing from, and talking with our special guest, Carrie Hill – who is a local SEO expert, and is the co-founder of, an agency dedicated to finding quality SEO & Local SEO solutions for small business owners and their websites. This webinar was packed with educational content, so we want you to have full access to it.

You can access the webinar video, and the slides via these links:
VideoSlide Deck

Major Topics we discussed:
1. What are the biggest developments in local SEO in 2019?
2. Local SEO strategies for businesses
3. Key KPIs to measure the impact of efforts spent on local

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