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21 Amazing SEO, Local, and Site Facts and Data You Need to Know

May 13, 2022   |   AMP, Local Search, SEO, Web Design and Promotion
21 Amazing SEO, Local, and Site Facts and Data You Need to Know

Milestone Inc. has compiled the following key stats and facts to help you make sense of your site and data and make better digital marketing decisions. These facts are taken from Milestone research reports, which are available for those who want to learn more about the studies and the findings.

If you want a summary of the findings: SEO is bigger than ever, still lots of traffic to be had, technical SEO works, schemas work, AMP works, and FAQs work. Read on to learn more and download the linked reports to get the full take on the topic.

  1. SEO is the largest channel at 62.3%, including Local SEO, excluding Direct entirely. Cross-industry sample. Data through Feb 2022.
  2. Local SEO is the fastest-growing channel at 37% increase in share for location-based businesses between January 2020 and February 2022.
  3. Mobile traffic share of browser traffic across industries was 66% in March 2022. The CTR of organic SERP listings on mobile is 50.2%, which is 16% lower than desktop.
  4. 96% of websites are not using AMP in February 2022. AMPs load 130% faster than standard pages. AMP increases page impressions by 23%. AMP increases pages per visit by 21%.
  5. Rich organic results generate aggregate CTR of 58% vs. 41% for non-rich results. FAQ rich results have the highest CTR at 87%+. Videos have a 61% CTR.
  6. The organic SEO average CTR for all listings on page 1 of the SERPs is 5.75%.
  7. Schemas were found on 90% of the FAQ rich results in the SERPs. This basically means FAQ schemas are now required to earn the FAQ rich result.
  8. Sites with FAQ Rich Results have an average of 5 positions better rank.
  9. Schemas do increase organic search impressions and clicks because they enable visible rich results. While Google says it is not an algorithmic factor for determining rank, it is a binary requirement to get the impression, which is almost the same as influencing rank.
  10. The estimated engagement rate of People Also Ask, PAAs is 4% and the estimated click rate on a single listing is 0.4% with a range of 0% to 4%, depending on position and the complexity of the question and answer.
  11. 22% of SERPs contain images. Images account for 1.7% of search clicks. The CTR on images on mobile is 82% higher at 2.8%.
  12. Google rewrites a page’s title tags 60% of the time.
  13. GMB local profile completeness correlates to 50% to 200% increase in local performance.
  14. Hotel sites that use paid Meta advertising average 17% more revenue per month than equivalent sites that do not.
  15. 90.6% of digital content gets no traffic from organic search.
  16. Schemas correlate to increased rich snippet/quick answers by 124%.
  17. Schemas correlate to increased People Also Ask visibility by 89%.
  18. Schemas correlate to increased Local Performance by 36%.
  19. Schemas correlate to increased Knowledge Panel results by 42%.
  20. Schemas correlate to increased Site Link appearance by 143%.
  21. Schemas increase non-brand traffic share by 121%

We hope you found these data useful and that they will help you secure resources for your project.

Milestone increases acquisition by enhancing digital experience and increasing content visibility. Contact us at [email protected] or call us at 408-200-2211.

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