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How to Improve Yelp Management and Results

Jun 27, 2018   |   Local Search
How does Milestone make Yelp easier? -, Milestone Inc.

Online listings and reviews are very important in our fast-paced world. Whether you have a single location or a large multi-location business, from fast food to car dealerships, online listings are critical. The rule of thumb is simple: “If you are a location-based business, you’ve got to think YELP.”

According to a Nielsen survey, 92% of Yelp users are there because they want to buy something – and 79% want to buy something within a week. If you are like most location-based businesses, however, getting value out of Yelp often can be time-consuming and frustrating. That’s why Milestone recently introduced new Yelp products to help businesses deliver better results by reaching buying consumers on Yelp. Our combination of exceptional software and Yelp certified ads (YACP) partnership means you can finally make Yelp work for you.

1. Go beyond simple listing with your exclusive YELP branded profile:

Milestone will set up and maintain your branded profile; calls to action, videos, business descriptions and photos to your profile to maximize your effect when consumers visit your Yelp page. Branded Profiles for single locations or multi-location businesses maintained and monitored on a regular basis by Milestone experts at AMAZING PRICING.

Hotel Nikko Yelp -, Milestone Inc.

2. API integration powering multi location businesses:

Managing Yelp for multi-location business like retailers, restaurants, car dealerships and health clinics has always been challenging – how do you stay on top of hundreds of Yelp accounts? With Milestone’s API integration it has suddenly become much easier. Leverage the power of a 100% API-based Yelp integration backed by our full-service offering based on more than two decades of experience. Through our unique “software + services” solution, multi-location businesses can now:

  • Get access to Yelp via our Milestone Local platform
  • See and respond to reviews directly from inside Milestone Reviews.
  • Update business information, upload photos to multiple locations in seconds.
  • All backed by 20+ years of experience in working with location-based businesses

3. CPC advertising to beat out your closest competitors

CPC advertising will drive more visitors to your profile and advertise on competitor profiles. Milestone brings more than 20 years of experience in managing paid media campaigns to help you leverage Yelp to its fullest. Run CPC ads on Yelp with Milestone and boost your ROI.

CPC campaigns designed around your custom needs leverage our omni channel approach for even greater reach integrate Yelp CPC campaigns with branded profiles for optimal results. CPC advertising to drive those 90% who are buying to your profile.

Milestone’s this new offering helps consolidate the work of managing a businesses’ online presence by allowing location-based businesses to manage their Yelp listings, boost their Yelp page with branded profiles and leverage the advertising-based solutions managed by Milestone. The program also includes access to Milestone’s analytics and reporting solutions, to help businesses understand the effectiveness of their Yelp presence.

For more information please visit our website or send us an email at [email protected].

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