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Mobile Search Ads

justin smx 2011 03 08a 300 225Mobile search is increasing rapidly day by day. Year over year mobile search has increased by over 400%. All the speakers in this SMX session had some important data to share.  An analysis of mobile search done by Yahoo! revealed the following data:

  • Mobile search is high during TV shows during the commercials.
  • People make use of mobile inclination for reduced sessions, as well as tablets/desktops for longer sessions.
  • 50% of users want coupons as well as offers on their mobile device
  • 61% wish places formed offers
  • 39% of US retailers devise upon deploying mobile ads.
  • Mobile search is high in between 6 and 9 PM daily.
  • 80% of retailers haven’t combined mobile-friendly landing pages.
  • About 29% of searches come from mobile devices: around 15% for electronics, beauty products, finance, as well as auto.

According to Google, out of all the websites online only 80% have a mobile version. If you don’t have a mobile friendly we are missing out a lot of opportunities. There are 4 key mobile search trends

  1. Immediate
  2. Location
  3. Shopping
  4. Always on.

Best Practices:

  • Adding click-to-call in the mobile ad can increase click by rate by 6-8%.
  • Treat mobile differently; separate mobile campaigns from your desktop campaigns.
  • Understand what part of your product can be promoted through mobile
  • Plan the ad as well as landing page for mobile ROI.
  • Think local. Having a local number can create a greater impact.
  • If you have an app, make use of mobile ads to expostulate discoverability for the app.
  • Include long tail keywords also. There is a notion that mobile search is 2 to 3 words per query which is not true.
  • Tracking mobile campaigns is really important. Use some good analytics tool to track mobile campaigns.
  • Mobile sites can create greater impact.
  • Mobile Coupons are something worth looking at.
  • Iterate, test and measure.

Mobile search ads are something great all advertisers need to look for. There is so much potential with mobile sites and searches. Because of the current low level of competition in the market, it is a great way for driving traffic and better ROI.

Moderator: Greg Sterling, Founding Principal, Sterling Market Intelligence
Q&A Moderator: Kelly Gillease, Vice President, Marketing, Viator

Paul Cushman, Senior Director, Mobile Sales Strateg, Yahoo
Dennis Glavin, Group Product Manager, Microsoft
Jeff Licciardi, Account Director, Performics
Michael Slinger, Director of Mobile Ads, Google
Kerri Smith, Account Leader, iProspect/Range Online Media

Contributed by: Justin Varghese, ROI Manager, Milestone Internet Marketing

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