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Milestone Boosts Website Conversions by 53% with Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Milestone Boosts Website Conversions by 53% with Progressive Web Apps (PWA) -, Milestone Inc.

Milestone’s new Progressive Web App platform increases Black Friday bookings for leading resort

Milestone announced today the availability of its Progressive Web App (PWA) framework for consumer-oriented websites. Milestone successfully deployed a PWA framework to a client site – the Grand Velas Riviera Maya resort in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Using PWA technology, Milestone boosted the resort’s black-Friday conversion rate 53% by leveraging the speed and notification benefits of PWA.

“PWA technology can be used on consumer-facing sites to create a richer, more interactive experience and boost conversion,” said Sathya Krishnamurthy, Milestone VP of Product Management.

“Deploying PWA technology on our website was incredibly successful,” said Mr. Victor Garcia, E-marketing Director for Grand Velas Riviera Maya, “the increased conversion rate was truly amazing, we are looking forward to deploying this technology on our other resort sites.”

PWA technology provides many benefits to hotels, banks and retailers who are looking to take their websites to higher levels of performance:

Peace of mind through security

Because PWA requires HTTPs, consumers have a safe experience and are more likely to interact with your website.

A faster site performance

Through a combination of a lightweight framework as well as the “cache to device” capabilities of PWA, consumers have a fast app-like experience.

A richer mobile experience

PWA is ideal as a technology back-end for a true “mobile first” experience that blends the speed and notifications of PWA with the rich user experience of a mobile-first design. The app-like environment boosts conversions user engagement.

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Add a Milestone PWA site to a mobile device

Easy to discover

Because PWA is an add-on to your existing site, it means your app-like experience is easy to discover and easily downloadable without the complexities of an app store, boosting user adoption.

Connectivity independence

PWA’s caching capabilities mean that users can access your website even when they are offline or when connectivity is poor.

Higher engagement through notifications

PWA’s notification framework means businesses can engage with consumers in a more active manner, creating a more enticing, more satisfying experience for consumers. As part of Milestone’s QA process, the PWA framework was tested using the open source Lighthouse Developer tool to ensure that Milestone’s implementation was done properly and provided the user experience desired.

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Milestone PWA special offer delivered to a user’s device

“Deploying PWA properly is not as simple as it seems,” said Mr. Krishnamurthy, “during the development and initial testing process we did a lot of testing with the Lighthouse tool to ensure we were getting it right,” continued Mr. Krishnamurthy.

“We encourage anyone who has deployed a PWA website to test their site using the Lighthouse tool,” said Mr. Krishnamurthy, “many PWA sites are not as functional as they should be and the PWA implementations are often lacking.” continued Mr. Krishnamurthy.

Milestone is making its PWA framework available to both Milestone clients as well as to owners of websites developed on third party platforms. Milestone’s PWA solution can be deployed on third party sites with some JavaScript code and provide the same features and benefits that are available on Milestone developed PWA websites.

Milestone is also planning to combine the use of PWA with its recently announced “Mobile-First” design initiative to offer customers true app-like user experiences that look, behave, and feel like mobile apps, driving higher conversion and revenue for Milestone customers. For more information about PWA, including pricing and availability, contact Milestone at 1-408-492-9055 or by email at [email protected].

About Milestone

For the past 19 years Milestone has been at the forefront of powering websites for the hospitality and retail industries. Milestone’s suite of digital marketing products powers the digital presence of over 2,000 customers, while Milestone’s website design services and organic and paid marketing services are driving traffic to thousands of properties all around the world. For more information about Milestone and our products and services, visit us at

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