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Status of Google Ads COVID-19 Ad Credits for Small & Medium-Sized Businesses

Jun 02, 2020   |   Google Update
Google Ads COVID-19 Ad Credits for Small & Medium-Sized Businesses -, Milestone Inc.

Last week, Google shared more details on the much anticipated credit to support recovery for small and medium businesses. Milestone is working closely with Google on next steps.  

Overall, Google has pledged $340 million in ad credits to small and medium businesses worldwide. They are to be used for future advertising before the end of the year across Google Ads platforms.  

Google confirmed that at this point no action is needed from advertisers or from Milestone. There is no application process, and credits are rolled out gradually across advertisers and countries. The credit amount will vary based on historic spend, not to exceed USD 1000.  

It is reassuring that Google is committed to supporting small and medium businesses. As they look to recover, every effort helps. We will remain in close contact with Google and provide more updates as we receive them.

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