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Social Media Marketing Trends

Dec 09, 2009   |   Getting Social
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Social Media Marketing Trends

Over the last several years, a great deal of social media testing and experimenting has been completed. Marketers have been working towards identifying how social media can help influence everything from brand loyalty to search engine placement. The growth of the major social media channels (including Facebook, Twitter, etc.) has continued to attract the attention of marketers across all industries.

A study by eMarketer showed that 39% of marketing professionals considered social media marketing to be very effective in influencing brand reputation while 53% considered it somewhat effective. The other top effects include increased brand awareness, improved search engine rankings and increased website traffic.


For the hospitality industry, we have found that aggressive management and involvement in the top social media sites can deliver significant results. With the inclusion of social media in the universal search results, the opportunities to saturate the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) are plentiful. We have seen significant improvements in search engine visibility for those hotels that incorporate social media into their marketing plans, and actively manage the channels in which they participate.


Contributed by: Kimberly Ercius, Director of Business Development

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