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Bookmark Multiple Bookmarking Sites With One Click

Aug 06, 2019   |   Getting Social
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Digital bookmarks tips and tricks 2021

Bookmarking still remains a great way to shortlist your favorite and most-used websites.

You can bookmark in all of your devices and many of your apps, with browser of course being the most popular:

  1. In your desktop browser Bookmark Bar
  2. Your desktop browser
  3. Your mobile browser
  4. In an app as a Favorite
  5. Install a bookmarking app

The easy and quick way to bookmark in Chrome desktop is to drag the padlock icon to the left of the url and place it on the Bookmarks Bar. Then you can right-click on it to shorten the label.

On Chrome desktop on Windows, use the 3 dots on the right, Bookmarks, add to Bookmarks Bar or create a new folder. If you use Bookmarks Bar, they will be visual buttons with logos below the URL window.

In Chrome on mobile Android, use the 3 dots on the right, select the star icon or select Bookmarks from the menu and place in a folder.

In Chrome on Mac, you can bookmark by selecting the yellow star at the right side of the URL window, which will allow you to store on the Bookmarks bar or in a folder as on Windows.

Google also enables you to sync your passwords and other browser info on all devices, including:

  • Bookmarks
  • History and open tabs
  • Passwords
  • Payment info
  • Addresses, phone numbers, and more
  • Settings and preferences

Within these categories, you can edit what you want to synchronize with more precision. This will sync on all platforms where Google recognizes you, so it may combine personal and work bookmarks and settings. When you’re signed-in to Chrome, you may also see your payment info you saved in Google Pay.

Microsoft Edge uses a star icon similar to Chrome on Max. In addition, it has a feature called Collections that allows you to save pages, text, images and allows you to send to Excel, Word, or OneNote.

In Safari on desktop, use the share icon on the right of the url bar, select Add Bookmark, and name and place the bookmark.

If you want even more bookmark features and capabilities, more than a dozen bookmark manager apps are available in Google Play and Apple Store.

Social media management and tracking platforms also offer related services. The one detailed below has an API that can be integrated into other platforms.

Onlywire lets you bookmark on multiple social bookmarking sites. You can bookmark with one click thus making the process of bookmarking efficient and an easy one. Here is instruction on how to bookmark multiple sites:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign up for the account.
  3. Go to: and install Add-on for firefox or Internet explorer.Install OnlyWire
  4. You will get Install OnlyWire on browser.
  5. Open the webpage that you want to bookmark on all major social sites.
  6. Click on Install OnlyWire from browser and select “Bookmark and share(grames)” option.
  7. Click on”Set Up Your Bookmarking Sites” option.Book & Share Tool
  8. Here you will get following screen and simultaneously we can bookmark on all following bookmarking sites.Social Media Icons
  9. Note: To submit we need to create account on each of them and we have to save those login infromaiton on this page for future use also.
  10. Click on Save my settings.
    Save My Logins
  11. Here, you can see “success status” of each of the social bookmarking sites.Recently Bookmarked
  12. Open the webpage that you want to bookmark.
  13. Click on bookmark button. Install OnlyWire and you will get following screen. Fill up the all fields(Title,URL etc.).Recently Bookmarked
  14. Click on “POST LINK TO.” at the right corner and you will get list of bookmarking sites. Then select list of bookmarking sites as per requirement.Recently Bookmarked
  15. Click on “bookmark page” button and automatically you can bookmark to multiple social bookmarking sites with just one click.
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