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Analytics APIs and Enterprise Level Analytics Management, PubCon 2011

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Analytics APIs and Enterprise Level Analytics Management
  • Two goals you should try to achieve with any enterprise-level API integration:
  1. Attribute actual revenue to sources
  • Build a separate application that pulls out the APIs. One such application is Good Data or Raven Tools
  • When you setup analytics for the 1st time, analytics is going to track website and your web form. Where the connection breaks is your lead ID. Make sure you specify unique lead ID
  • How do you get the lead ID in analytics platform? In Omniture, transaction ID for de-duplication of leads. In Google Analytics, use custom variables
  • Once you have the lead ID, you can track revenue, lifetime customer value to the original source, etc

2. Visualize data for transparency

  • Omniture API
    • API does not have access to everything
    • Expensive
    • Slow – some implementation cycle could last up to 3 months
  • Some good APIs
    • Facebook Open Graph
    • Twitter Klout
    • Majestic by SEOmoz
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel. There are great tools out there already for what you need to do
  • Recycle existing technologies
  • Reduce – there is a real value in data synthesis that cannot be extracted.
  • Reuse – feedback loop
  • It’s all about people. This is the most important piece in building API. The people who use the APIs provide all the value


Nate Griffin

Dax Herrera

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